July 21, 2016


Holy means dedicated, devoted, and devout.

If you are dedicated to your husband, then you are wholly set on him.

If a millionaire actor called and said to you, "Marry me," then you'd respond, "Are you crazy?"

There is that horrible quiz going around that asks, "If given a hall-pass, on whom would you use it?"

What does a Christian woman think of that?

Adultery is not just physical, it is also mental (Matthew 5:28).

To think about (dwell on) being with another man is to commit adultery according to Jesus.

Are you devoted to your husband?

If so, then you bend to his wishes, and do not demand that he bend.

Love does not demand (I Corinthians 13:5).

Are you devoted to God?

If so, then you are zealous, and loyal in your actions toward him, and others— all others.

One cannot be holy, and not zealous.

One cannot be holy, and read their horoscope.

One cannot be holy, and think about marrying someone else.

One cannot be holy, and unholy at the same time.

Good trees ONLY bear good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

Do you really believe that?

Jesus said that it is true.

Yet, many Christians will say that they can still sin, and do still sin, and think that they can bear good fruit, and to say that those two are compatible is to say that Jesus is a liar.

Are you holy?

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