July 20, 2016

Holier or just simply holy?

You will hear, and maybe you think, that we get holier.

If that is true, then are we holier than someone else?

Are we ever to compare ourselves to others, and line up our holiness to the holiness of others?

Holier implies that one can be a bit less than truly holy.

Can that happen?

Can you find in Scripture where we are told to be holier?

We are commanded to be holy (I Peter 1:16).

If you think that you can become holier, then how does that happen?

Is it by something that you can do?

If so, then are you saying that your "goodness" or "holiness" has anything to do with you?

Does God need help in making you holy?

Does a baby have anything to do with being born?

A new woman in Christ is new.

The newness has nothing to do with her.

In sin (in the pig-sty), a soul is wooed, a longing for home is lit, and the choice, that split second of, "Yes, you are right, and I am wrong," occurs, and rebirth happens.

A sinful soul is made new. God does it all. He opens our hearts (Acts 16:14).

Salvation (holiness) has nothing to do with reading the Bible more, or praising more to get it.

If so, then the Bible would say so, as in "Read your Bible every day to stay close to God!"

The redeemed abide in the Vine.

Answer these questions concerning yourself: "How am I holy?" "What must I do to be saved?" "What does it mean to believe in Jesus?"

Look up the word "believe" and see if you really believe in Jesus.

If you believe that a certain diet will cure your illness, then I will assume that you do that diet.

When you believe in Jesus, then you DO what Jesus said to do.

Do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

Do you think that you will when you get holier?

How does that happen?

It's time to study. It's time to seek God with all your heart. Time is short, and you will soon die.

What are you pursuing? Are your prayers heard? Do you pray?

Are you holy?

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