July 25, 2016


When you hear the word "confidence" where do your thoughts take you?

To your looks?

To how "over-weight" you are?

To how your hair-do is working or not?

To what people think of you?

To the money you have, or don't have?

To how much power that you think you wield over anyone, or no one?

To the type house you have, or the yard you maintain?

Confidence is belief in something or someone.

Where is your confidence?

In what does it rest?

If your bank account is huge, and your body is in perfect condition (whatever that is), and if your house is great, and clean, and if you have power over people, and they look up to you, then what?

Does all that sound good to you?

Where is your heart?

Concerning the Lord, God says to love him with all your heart.

That is not something that we try to achieve.

It is given to us.

The love, and loyalty that a soul has for God is not of themselves.

The ability to love God is given to a soul.

It has nothing to do with a human in any way.

I hear so often that God expects us to "try" to do our best for him each day.


Where would you find that in the Word?

You may hear that from your religious leader, or pastor, or Joyce Meyer.

To the redeemed, who have repented, love is POURED into their heart from God (Romans 5:5).

That type love was not there before it was poured in from God.

So then another question arises: "Can one really love except that they are given love by God?"

What do you think?

And remember that if you call yourself redeemed, then your answer must conform to the Word.

Where is it in Scripture that a soul loves, as God loves, without being made new?

Where does love originate in a soul?

Is it in a soul from the beginning?

A baby loves?

Does a child really know what love is?


Do you know of sacrifice?

Do you sacrifice?

Do you know that a person can give their life to be burned for another and yet it not be love?

"If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing," (I Corinthians 13:3 ESV)

Does that cause you to pause and take a moment to examine your heart?

I hope that it does.

Who does the good that you do for, and to, others?

Is it you?

If so, do you take any praise for it?

Does Christ live in you?

If so, then how did that happen?

If so, then what difference does his life in you make?

The letters that were written by Paul (and others) to the churches were written so that they would hold up his words to their life, and see if what he was that must be happening in the life of the saved was indeed truly happening in their life. His letters were to the churches, but were not intended that it was a given that all who heard them read were indeed saved. (Jude 1:4 and Galatians 3) Many were not. Because you sit in a church and hear the Word does not make you saved. 

So, what causes you to be saved?

Do you know?

What would you tell others about how to be saved?

What would you tell them about sin?

What would you tell them about fear, and grudges, hospitality, unconditional love, and heaven?

Are you studying to be approved by God?

What does that mean?

Are you one of the blind being lead by the blind (Matthew 15:14), or are you redeemed?

Is the love of God your passion, and do you show it without condition to all?

Do you really follow Jesus?

If so, then you will know what he said about all things, and you will be doing what he said to do.

We know we have come to know God IF we do as he says to do (I John 2:3).

We know we love God IF we do as he commands (I John 5:2).

God says to put NO confidence in man or self.

Do you?

Do you talk of diet and exercise?

Do you work for a better body, and healthier eating?

Do you make "laws" for yourself, and maybe others?

Where is that a command in Scripture?

On what do you base your everyday life events, including exercise and eating?

What would happen if your spouse committed adultery, or you caught them in a lie, or you name it?

Would you be devastated, and would your love wain for them?

If so, then your confidence is in man.

Your trust, and mine, is to be in God alone.

If you find that yours is not, then seek God to know why.

Seek him, and find him.

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