July 8, 2016

Compared to whom?

When you are "bad" then do you sort of automatically, in your mind, compare yourself to someone?

Like, "Well, I may have been short-tempered with my kids, but at least I didn't kill them like that gal did in Texas who drowned her five children."

Or, "I may not submit to my husband, and love him very much, but at least I didn't maim him, like other women do."

Maybe it sounds like this, "I don't really care to love my neighbor, but at least I smile at them even if they don't smile back at me."

To whom do you compare yourself?

Compared to Hitler, we can all look good.

Who is the standard bearer to whom all will answer in the end?

Jesus is the same one in the end, and right now.

He says that to "not like" your brother, or sister, or mother, or father, or neighbor, is hate.

Jesus does not use words like "like".....oh not at all, but the world does, and you will as well until you agree with him about your sin.

Until you agree with him about your sin, then you walk in darkness, and will excuse your sin, and will compare yourself to someone, anyone, who you deem worse than yourself.

Several things are happening in that scenario.

You will be judging the behavior of others (only God knows hearts, and we are commanded not to do that), and you will not be holding your actions up to perfection.

Jesus commanded perfection.

How is that achieved?

Perfect love for others is perfection (Matthew 5:48).

When a soul repents, that soul is washed of hate, and is filled with love (Romans 5:5).


It is a gift, and no one filled with God's love will say, "Look what I can do!"

That soul will be saying, "Look what God has done in my heart."

Are you "not liking" some people?

Do some get a cold shoulder from you?

Do you feel justified in that behavior?

If so, then you are saying that you have "rights" and if that is what you are saying, then you have not been crucified with Christ. That crucifixion happens to you. You do not do it to yourself.

Paul says that he has been crucified (Galatians 2:20).

Someone put to death his old nature.

Your old nature will be put to death upon repentance.

Agree with God that your behavior does not comport to what he has commanded.

What he commands, he will see accomplished in the one who will agree with him (Hebrews 13:21).

Do you?

Do you agree with Scripture?

To agree with it is to do it.

Or do you fight it?

Do you love it?

Do you dwell in it continuously?

Those who are in the Vine are dwelling constantly.

They don't hop on and off.

No where is that taught by Jesus.

No way will you go back to the pigsty once you know God.

Jesus says that good trees only produce good fruit (Matthew 7:18).

Do you always produce, give off, good fruit?

Don't look around and say that you do pretty good compared to others.

Others are not the standard by which souls are judged.

Jesus will say to those who have prayed great big, and glorious prayers to depart from him.

Want to build something great for God?

Many of those will be told to depart from him too.

Expend energy on sin and you will be told to depart.

Read Matthew 7:21-23 and do it carefully.

Then hold up your deeds, and your heart, and examine yourself.

Or just look around and find someone who you think is worse.

And live your life according to how you want.

And expend energy on sin.

And in the end, you will not hear Jesus say, "Welcome," but he will tell you to depart from him.

It's your choice.

Choose wisely this day, and repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.

Your life will soon be over, and then you will face Jesus.

Your lips will be silent as he judges.

You will want to argue with him, for he says that many will.

Do you argue with him now?

Or do you believe in him?

To believe in him is to DO as he commands.

That is done only when you repent.

Repentance is not taught by Jesus as something done over and over and over again.

Study carefully, and listen to the call of the Spirit.

He says that we must love the neighbor as ourselves, and that to bear burdens is to fulfill the law.

Compared to Jesus do you do that?


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