July 2, 2016


What are you wearing?

Are you ready to serve?

Would you have to change clothes to give a hug, or help a friend, or answer the doorbell?

Does what you wear make a difference in how you love on people?

Do you not want others to get too close when you have on something special?


We must wear them.

God covered Adam and Eve.

He provided for them as he continues to do for his children.

In thinking of Jesus, and as it appears in Scripture that he had a single outfit, I wondered something:

Is it ever a good thing for clothes to change an attitude?

What Jesus wore was simply a covering.

In following him, do you see your clothes as simply a covering?

Do you think that clothes can make a difference in attitudes?

Of course we know that Jesus never changed.

He was always serving, and loving, and praising God.

He never changed.

Not only did his clothes never change, but neither did his grateful attitude.

Nothing exterior affects the child who knows the Father.

The interior of that heart is content, wanting nothing more to be content.

For the woman, who knows God, shoes, dresses, outfits, accessories, or fashion are extraneous.

She needs nothing more to enhance her life.

She is blessed, happy, and her "mood" is bright for God's love dwells in her– always.

Regardless of what garment she wears, she is clothed in the garment of praise.

In a muumuu, fancy dress, or leisure clothes, the woman who loves her God, loves people.

While she may change her outfit, and she will, the love she has for others never changes.

New outfits, or the same ones for many years, it matters not, the joy in her heart remains.

The woman who abides in the Vine is like a tree firmly planted by streams of water.

She yields fruit.

In season (when it's convenient), and out of season (when it's not), she does not wither.

Is she wearing last years shoes, or the ones from ten years ago, or new ones from last week?

She is serving.

Following Jesus is not what the masses do on easy street as they purchase more and more outfits to boost their confidence, and continue to make their outward selves shine.

All of that is passing. Fleeting. What we can see (clothes, fashion, accessories) come and go.

The world would have you believe all that makes a difference.

It does not.

There is no true abiding, everlasting, or deep joy in stuff.

Following Jesus is done on the narrow road.

Joy is there.

The woman who walks it is full of love, joy, and peace.

It does not take a new outfit for her to smile.

She may know of plenty, or her closet may be sparse, it matters not.

She loves God. She loves others. She smiles at the future.

What about you?


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