July 19, 2016


When you think about telling someone how to do something, or why to do something, or when to do something, then is the advice strictly Biblical?

Does it have "worldly wisdom" mixed with it?

If it smells of the world in any way, then it is worldly.

A false prophet, or a worldly Christian, mixes truth with worldliness.

They don't come right out and speak only worldliness, but they will mix it up.

They will use Bible terminology, and words that are thought to be wise according to people like Dr. Oz, and Oprah, and Dr. Phil, and gurus, and those who practice all types of things to make their lives "better" without mentioning repentance.

If you call yourself a Christian, then according to Jesus, you will say what he said, and live according to his message.

Be careful, and wise.

To talk of yoga is to lead others to a mystical, evil practice.

Yes, you can stretch, but yoga, and its philosophy, is not of God, and is therefore evil.

To speak of eating only a certain way, as if it brings happiness, and well-being, is not of God.

The one who is cleansed, and washed in grace, is happy, and needs no special diet, or exercise.

Do you read the Word?

Do you follow its message?

Will the words that you speak, in the end, bring one to freedom?

He whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

According to Jesus, no special diet or exercise is needed.

Repentance is a requirement to know the Father, and in knowing the Father, one knows love.

Love is required.

No diet or exercise brings love into a life.

Does your advice contain the words of Jesus?

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