June 6, 2016

What servants of the Lord don't do

They don't stand around wondering who will help them, for THE Helper is inside them.

They don't think that the job that they know to do is too much to accomplish, for God will do through them what he asks of them.

They are tempted to dwell on tomorrow, next week, and next month, but they work, and dwell on today, and find plenty to occupy their time, for life is abundant, right now, today, for the redeemed.

They spend their energy on things of God, not in frivolity, and nothing is frivolous, except what is foolish, and the redeemed servant studies Proverbs to know what is foolish.

They don't rush to the front of the line at pot-luck dinners, or worry that their will be nothing for them when they do finally get to the food.

They don't beat themselves with a stick, but love themselves, but not to the exclusion of others.

They don't think that any "success" that they may have on this earth, in any arena, is due to their smarts, or will-power, or ability to do on their own, for they belong to another.

They don't boast of what they have done, or can do.

Do you?

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