June 6, 2016

What servants do

And he (Jesus) sat down, and called the twelve.
And he said to them, 
"If anyone would be first, 
he must be last of all,
and servant of all."
(Mark 9:35)

Jobs of servants:

Bed making

Dish washing

Diaper changing

Toilet (and everything else) scrubbing

Laundry, and folding, and putting away, and don't forget, ironing!
Weed pulling

Garden tending

Knocking down cobwebs

Sweeping, and vacuuming

Meal planning, and executing

Animal tending

Trash hauling, and trash can cleaning

Shower stall cleaning of nasty drains

You name it.

What ever needs to be done, whether enjoyable or not, attractive or not, a servant does it.

If you can hire your servants, terrific.

If you cannot hire it done, then don't think that your husband is a substitute for a hired hand.

The truly redeemed woman will be tempted to fuss, complain, and say, "You do it," to her husband.

For that matter, she will be tempted to not do it!

Temptation is not sin, and according to I Corinthians 10:13, the Lord (not only does not tempt his children - James 1:13), but he also does not allow the tempting that occurs to be so strong that his child will yield to it, but instead, the Spirit that is given upon repentance allows complete obedience.

Do you do servant jobs?

Or do you look for a way out?

Can you ever see Jesus saying, "You do it," or hiding, or shrinking back from a job needing done?

Dear soul, know that life in Christ, the Vine, is work, and joy, and peace, and abundance of all that.

The life with Christ is not a heavy load that cannot be done.

In fact, he does work through the soul, who has repented, and that soul sings as they go.

Even when it comes to stinking diapers, nasty drains, sticky floors, and on, and on it goes, and on, and on, and on goes the yielded servant knowing all the while that heaven waits, their final rest.

Till then, the servant of the Most High is fully aware that they are only passing through.

This earth is not their home.

They serve, and love, and give, for they know God.

In knowing him, they are not their own any longer.

Yielded and quiet, they serve. 

Do you?


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