June 6, 2016

What happens when a woman follows Jesus

If a woman chooses to follow Jesus, then he will lead her to repentance.

She will turn from sin.

She will learn from him.

To learn from him, she will study his words.

He will show her what sin is.

He will teach her about love.

She will be his student, and he will be her teacher.

In the end, she will submit to him, and he will lead her to God.

In the end, she will know God, and she will fear no more.

In the end, she will live with him forever in heaven.

Till then, she will long for her eternal home, and be as a foreigner here on earth.

Things of this world will not appeal to her.

Her taste buds change.

In following Jesus, and repenting, she is new.

Are you?

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