June 1, 2016

What God commands

Mothers, when you give your child a command, what do you expect to happen?


What if little Joey, or Susie, were to say, "I'm just not there yet, Mommy, but when I can get to it, and can do what you tell me to do, then I will. Plus, I don't feel like it. I'd rather play."

Would any loving mother give little Joey, or Susie, a command that was impossible to do?

Maybe so, but not intentionally.

God never requires of his child what she cannot do, plus he gives her the ability to obey.

The flesh is weak in the redeemed, but the Spirit always causes the redeemed to stand, and obey.

If you are a child of God, then you will obey him.

Until you are a child of God, you are a follower of Jesus.

You will be "doing" what you can, and "trying" to do as God commands, and you will be successful some of the time, and failing other times.

And it will be "you" doing what you do, for if it were the Spirit doing it, then obedience would occur.

When you repent (turn from sin), then you are home, and in God's hands, and you are his.

His Spirit resides in the repentant causing life to flow, and growth in love to always be present.

A heart that is undivided is an obedient heart.

How so?

The repentant heart is given a new heart, and the new heart is no longer in the possession of a mere human, but in the possession of God.

God does in, and through, the repentant what they cannot do, and could not do, apart from him.

The life attached to the Vine only produces good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

As it abides, and it can only abide, and it can only walk on the narrow road, it glorifies God.

That soul does not say that it loves the world, and it does not talk like the world, nor think like it.


That soul has the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16).

That soul has died to self (repented), and now is alive only to Christ (Galatians 2:20).

All along the way of "following Jesus" is the option to not follow. We see that is what occurred in the lives of many in Scripture. Some followed, for a while, and then didn't. The disciples followed all the way to the upper room, and then they were filled (totally) never to be the same ever again.

They were obedient, and loved not their lives even as they were lead to their execution.

For them, to live was Christ, and to die was gain (Philippians 1:21).

For them, to live did not mean any acquisition of power or wealth.

Those things did not drive them.

Love for God drives the redeemed, and they are obedient (I John 5:3).

So when the redeemed read that they are to do "whatever" it is as a saved soul, then they do it.

Until then, they are like little Joey, or Susie, and will get to it when they can.

Disobedience brings death.

It kills joy, strength, and blessedness.

"Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" (Matthew 4:17) was, and is, the message preached by Jesus throughout his ministry, until his death, and it is the gospel message right now.

It is the only way to know God.

It brings freedom.

It brings a freedom from "trying."

Freedom sin (death, and destruction) is what Jesus came to bring (John 8:36).

Are you free?

Are you free to do as God commands?

Are you free to die?

That is what God commands.

If you are not free (and therefore obedient), then when will you get to it?

Only when one repents can they get to it.

What would, or do, you say to your child if they were (or are) not instantly obedient?

Would you not wonder if they loved you?

Would you consider what their rebellion says about their heart's desire?

What does it say about your heart's desire when you continue to hate, lust, and refuse to submit?

We choose what we do.

God says to choose THIS day whom you will serve, and the truly redeemed choose wisely always.

The Spirit in them causes them to do as commanded (I Corinthians 10:13).

Does that sound like no choice is involved?


Unless you give, and take back, and give, and take back, and what is that called?

What type of commitment is that?

Do you decide to follow, and then don't, and then decide to follow, and then stop?

What does God say about a heart that is neither hot, nor cold?

The heart that has been given to God, and taken by him, no longer belongs to a mere human.

Repentance does that.

The repentant heart is in God's hands, protected, and preserved until its final day on earth.

That woman is free from worry, and free from hate, and free to love; simply obedient and happy.

The repentant, redeemed soul is free from this world, and its cares, and vain-glory.

What God commands you to do, do you do it?

If not, consider why not.

Is obedience something that we grow into?

Do we just want to take our time about it?

Do you allow your little Joey, or Susie, to grow into their obedience?

Do you say, "Take your time about it! Get back to me when you want. No big deal."

The growth talked about in Scripture is not a growth to keep sinning until one decides to obey.

Don't be fooled into thinking that disobedience (and there is no big or little rebellion) is something to be tinkered with when it comes to God's commands.

He says to love him with all your heart.

Do you?

Can you?

How does one do that?

Only in repentance.

Only in being filled, after turning from how one willfully walks, is one then consumed.

To be consumed is to leave no room for anything but God's love.

God's love spills out and onto others (Romans 5:5).

Follow Jesus, and do as he commands.

He commands repentance.

When you repent, then you can do as God commands; he guarantees it.

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