June 8, 2016

To be free...

The greatest joys, one of them, for the redeemed woman is to lift up, at any time, her hands to the Lord, and know that she is clean, and not from any accomplishment on her part, but from what the Lord has done in her, for in her filth, she turned to him, agreeing that she was living in sin, and enjoying it, yet in her turning, she was freed, and the chains dropped, and she finally was home.

No longer fearful that she will sin, she walks light of heart, for she loves every soul she sees.

The sin of hate, grudge-holding, and angst is lifted, washed, and gone.

She is new.

In being given a new heart, she sees everything in the light of grace.

All is new to her.

Her mind is like the mind of Christ.

She loves God with all that is in her.

She is his.

She no longer hides from him.

Malleable, innocent, and free of guilt, her soul is in a constant dance of freedom.

Oh the joy, unspeakable, that fills her every moment.

Truly, Jesus has set her free, and when he sets free, then there is no going back to chains.

To be free, one can get old, be old, be physically ailing, and in pain, yet the soul sings.

To be free, one can be betrayed, have no friends, no compadre, no one who seems to understand and share her joy here on earth, but she has God's ear, and she knows he will give her all she needs.

To be free, one can pray, "Your kingdom come, your will be done," and truly mean it.

For the truly free, the soul controls the body, and the body is at rest, never striving, never manipulating, never fearful, and tense, for the truly free are held in tender hands.

Never fearful of what any man/woman would say or think, the truly free relax, and serve.

The truly free, truly love mindful only of the sacrifice provided for them, they sacrifice for others.

Do you?

Do you desire a steadfast heart that loves God alone?

If so, then agree with God about your sin.

He will turn your night into day.

He turns sadness to joy.

He sets free.

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