June 4, 2016

This and That


How does it appear in the saved?


When Jesus commanded it in the gospels, he was not kidding.

The command is followed by his giving of his life, and then in repentance, a soul is made perfect.

Born new.

Not of man, but of God.

Not of anything that the soul can do.

Perfection will not be found in anything any woman can do, or will not do.

Rules and lists do not exists for her. She only lives to give. She dies to self, and lays down her life.

Perfection is found in love.

In love, we are told, one is made perfect.

When a woman is in Christ, she is perfect.

In the ability, through the power of the Spirit, to always love, is one perfect before God.

That is how one has a presence with him in prayer.

When saved, a soul is given the mind of Christ, and the power by his Spirit to always love.

The saved woman loves.

Do you want to argue that she will love, but not always?

That describes the world.

Saved women do not live like the world, for they are set apart.

The world does not appeal to them; they long for heaven.

What is love?

It is patient, and kind, and ready to die, and will die, if needed, for anyone.

In fact, the soul, in dying to self daily, proves love, proves salvation, and regeneration.

Perfection is not anything at all that the saved woman will say is of her doing.

It is all Christ's doing for her, and in her.

Her hands, voice, strength, talents, money, yes, her very life is not hers any longer.

She belongs to another.

She knows in whom she believes, and she knows where the perfect love originates.

It is not of her, at all, for it is all of God in her.

His love is perfected in her, and while the saved woman may have a messy house at times, or flabby arms, or frazzled wits occasionally, she loves. When her hair is a fright, and her blouse has stains, and her nails are down to the quick, and her teeth need whitening, yet she is perfect, because she loves.

Perfection is not in eating perfect food, nor having a perfect weight, nor in keeping a perfect home.

Perfection is loving everyone, and the heart made new, loves— everyone.

In loving all, with no prejudice, one is perfect— this side of heaven.

In having the ability to lay down her life, and loving on others, she is perfect.

She is blessed beyond measure— now.

She has eternal life— now.

Her home is in heaven— now, and she is ready for it, anytime, she is ready.

This and that of this world will come and go.

Her mind stays on her Redeemer, the lover of her once sin-sick, and bound soul.

She is free.

Free to what, and for what?

Only to love.

To do as commanded: Love God totally, and the neighbor as herself.

The love of God in the saved woman remains, and flows like a river (Romans 5:5).

She is obedient, for she loves God (I John 5:1-5).

With all her heart, just as commanded, she loves her God. He has set her free. She sings.

Let all around her crumble, and let friends betray her, and let her lose all; she loves God.

Do you?

Do you love God with all your heart?

That is his command.

The loving God of this universe not only commands it, but gives the ability to do it upon repentance.


What a mighty God is he.

Repent is the message of the gospel.

Turn from hate, and agree with God about it.

Perfection waits in the form of love.

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