June 12, 2016

Think about it

Do you have a few, or many, for whom you pray?

Are you waiting patiently for them to know God, and change, and do you expect them to repent, and then be joyful always, and free from the bondage of sin, and do you think that you will see them change in your lifetime?

What if that doesn't happen?

Will you continue to pray?

To follow Jesus, one will follow him in all his ways, and in what he taught.

Jesus had twelve men who followed him.

None of them followed for the right reasons.

Jesus died having never seen even one of them come into an understanding of true redemption.

None of them believed that Jesus really was who he said that he was.

None of them believed that he would rise again.

They thought their Messiah was gone for good.

The "kingdom" they were expecting, and wanting had not been set up on earth.

In obedience to go and wait in the upper room, then they finally got it.

Then they were never the same again.

Then they spoke the gospel message, and went into all the world changed in their hearts.

Then they knew that this earth was not their home.

Then they wanted nothing but to know God, and share love.

Then they never vied for position, power, or prestige.

Until then, Jesus loved them, never condemned them, and continued to encourage them.

How about you?

Is that your practice?

When "someone" is slow to respond to the call of the Lord, then what do you do about it?

Do you continue to love anyhow, or do you save that type of love for those who think like you, and act like you, and if so, then how is that different than the Pharisees?

Pharisaical behavior says, "Behave (like I behave), and then I'll love you."

Jesus laid down his life that others would be able to behave.

God gives his spirit to those who repent that they might have the power to love unconditionally.

Think about it.

To whom, and for whom do you put down your desires, and live exclusively for the desires of God?

And what exactly does God desire?

That we love him with all that is within us, and others as ourselves.

Whom do you feed, care for, and love on even though you may think them unworthy?

And is it ever the place of a servant of God to deem anyone unworthy?

Would the child of God go about deeming others to be this way or that?

Or do they simply love?

What is the point of being set free by Christ?

From what are we set free?

Why is freedom given to a repentant soul?

What's the point?

It's time to think about it.

It's time to examine your heart.

Do you love?

Do you die daily that others might see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven?

Those who truly follow Jesus do just that, and they find his yoke easy, and the burden light.

Do you?

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