June 3, 2016

Onward, Christian soldier, but where ya going?

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, one will end up in the presence of God.

In the presence of God, one is never the same ever again.

To say that one follows Christ, or is a Christian, is for the moment, simply lip-service.

A two-year-old can repeat a prayer, and say they are a Christian, as can a 50-year-old.

Words are easy.

The actions that come after the lip-service prove a life dedicated to God.

Consistent actions prove repentance.

The repentant are given the mind of Christ, and are made new, and are changed.

Jesus did not say to follow him just to be the lead Pied Piper, and get the glory for that.

His followers end up repenting and knowing God.

That is always his goal in the command to follow him.

It is not so that he can say someday, "Look at all my followers!"

He pointed the way to God, and nothing more.

His followers, who remain with him, eventually say the same thing.

Salvation is not about a relationship with the Son, but with God.

We are to worship God with all the heart, not the Son.

Where are you going?

Is it to serve someone at all times?

In all that you do is service the aim?

Or is it vain-glory?

Do you seek the admiration of anyone?

Or do you want others to know the God of all creation?

That is the end of mankind.

Where are you going as you journey to the end of your life?

Are you loving?

If you are truly a Christ-follower, then you are obeying his commands, and you will repent, and you will love, and you will be perfect, for that is his command.

Where will you steps take you today?

Whom are you worshiping?

As did Jesus, with your life, do you point the way to God?

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