June 8, 2016

Only a tyrant

Can a soul truly love God with all that is in them this side of heaven?


What God commands, he requires to be done.

He did not say, "You'll be perfect in heaven someday, till then, just keep trying."

He did command, "Be perfect," and that we are to love him with all that is in us.

What God commands, he also provides a way for the command to be obeyed.

He makes the earthly soul victorious.

Only a tyrant would command absolute love and then oppressively demand it.

But the God, who is love, gives to those who follow Jesus, a new heart.

It is a gift he gives, and in the giving of the heart of love, to replace a heart of hate, the true believer is able to do as commanded, and absolutely know that they have nothing to do with the love in them.

Tyrants have subservience through fear.

Subjects, to a tyrant, can fake their love, smile, and speak accolades, and give service, and hate the oppressive ruler all at the same time, and may even wilt under the heavy load demanded of them.

They may even be called out for having a divided heart and executed for it.

No one really loves a tyrant, except for the goodies that come while following one.

God, however, gives what his child cannot do alone.

His hand is not slack when it comes to love; but is generous like an endless flood.

What earthly parent, if given the ability to give their child an obedient heart, would not do it?

And God alone has that ability, and gives new hearts to those who repent.

The God of love waits, all the while commanding a heart undivided.

Is yours?

Do you have an undivided heart?

Or do you love this world, and hang onto hate, rationalizing your sin, yet proclaiming to love God?

If so, seek God alone, with all that is within you.

Study the Word.

Know what Jesus taught, and follow him.

Upon repentance, he takes a soul to the Father, and introduces the perfect soul to the Father.

That introduction is a face-to-face meeting with grace.

That soul no longer serves the tyrant of "I got to be good," for they are given righteousness.

Their once divided heart is no longer torn; it is made whole; it cannot stop singing.

Once and for all time, follow Jesus, and ignore the call of the world.

Choose this day.

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