June 13, 2016

Knowing your betrayer

How horrible do you think it would be to know the one who will betray you, or has betrayed you?

It is not always the case that the betrayer is known.

Jesus knew the one who would betray him.

We won't always know.

But Jesus did,

And he loved him anyway.

He did not expose him, nor his heart to anyone else, and he did not try to manipulate him.

He loved him.

To the cross, he took the sin of his betrayer. He bore the shame. He died for it.

Do you?

Just like Jesus, you may know your betrayer.

Just like Jesus, you will be betrayed.

If you follow him, that is.

For where the footsteps of Jesus trod, so will the follower's go.

So when you get a prompt from the Spirit that tells you who it is, was, or will be, what will you do?

What have you done with what may have already been a betrayal in your life?

Whom do you tell about it? Whom did you tell? Have you let go of that marriage, and/or friendship?

Or have you loved that soul anyway, and covered over their sin anyway, and done all that you can, and still can do, to love that person to the Savior?

The betrayer will be a very close person to you.

Have you cut communication, and all ties with them?

Is your reputation more important, and your feelings, and your trust in humanity?

Jesus made of himself no reputation, and lived by faith, and trusted no one but God.

He commands that we follow him in all his ways.

Do you?

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