June 15, 2016

Keeping it clean

I have discovered a tool in my kitchen that, throughout my day, I do not try to keep clean.

It's a towel.

Not just any towel either.

One of my favorite towels for the kitchen, and found at Walmart, is the flour sack towel.

It is soft, pliable, big, but not too big, and I just love them.

Each day, I get a clean one out of my stash, and I don't fret over keeping it clean.

In fact, most all of my clean towels still have stains on them, and I allow for that too.

It's not important that they are perfectly white. It is important that they are available when I need one.

With my towel, I wipe my sweaty brow, sticky or greasy hands, and runny noses.

Its purpose is not to stay clean, and pretty, but to be used to benefit others.

I use it as I decide, and as needed for it is my tool.

At the end of the day, it is tossed aside to be washed, and then used again.

I have a very humble tool.

I easily use one, maybe two, every day.

It doesn't call the shots, but complies, and never fusses (duh!).

What is the purpose of the redeemed soul?

Is it to sit and look pretty?

Is it to pick and choose which jobs it will do in service for its King?

For sure, it cannot keep itself clean, for if it had that ability, then Christ died for it for no reason.

But he died that we might be perfectly white, and the redeemed soul is just that, and it is always available to do the work commanded of it, for it loves God.

Yes, it turns from evil, for it abhors that which God hates.

And God hates no person.

Neither does the redeemed, and they do not, and will not turn their backs on anyone.

However, they find that they enjoy doing the opposite of what they did when they were dirty.

They quit watching filth, and reading filth, and listening to filth.

(They don't condemn those who do still enjoy sin. They pray for them. They love them.)

They have a new mind.

Their pure souls long for heaven, but all the while, they are used up, and wrung out like a towel, and they don't complain; they comply, for they again, they love God.

He not only made them pure, he keeps them pure.

He makes a way for them to flee evil, and they take it, for the temptations are never too strong.

At the end of the day, they rest, and they may even take a rest in the middle of the day, if needed, or if he bids them to do so, for they are simply servants with hearts made pure by a washing in grace.

They don't fret over the possibility of sinning, for they are busy serving.

They are fully aware that all things work together for their good, and they walk steadily onward.

They will be the towel God can use to wipe weeping eyes, and dirty feet, and serve as needed.

Does that describe you?

Or do you sit at home keeping yourself clean?

If that is the case, then how is it that you need, or needed, a Savior?

If a soul can keep itself clean, then can a soul, who does not profess salvation, do that too?

If you can keep yourself clean, then how do you have that power?

What role do you play in that process?

Do you "touch not," and "taste not," and in doing so, then do you think yourself holy?

Is that the way it works?

It is time to study, and know.

It is time to seek God, and repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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