June 18, 2016

Jesus was not afraid to get dirty

He had one set of clothing, and yet welcomed little children to come to him.

He had walked a long distance, and was hungry, yet spoke to a woman drawing water from a well who could have soiled his reputation, if he had cared in the least about it.

He was a carpenter, and carpenters sweat, and the work is dusty, and hard, yet precise.

He walked; he was always walking.

He had people pressing in around him, and wanting from him, and he gave to them, and loved them.

He did not hide from the needy.

He was not concerned about his health, nor fearful that he would die before his time.

He said, and coming from him, his words are commands, "Follow me."

Will you?

Do you?

If you do, then you will find that he will lead you to God.

In knowing God, and having access to his throne, you are not afraid to get dirty.

While your soul is perfect, your body will stink from labor.

Your body will get tired from serving.

Your body will be reduced to dust some day, but your soul, if you know God, will see God.

You will have new eyes.

Until then, see with the eyes of your soul the needs of others, and if you do, you'll be getting dirty.

You will share your talent, and you will be in the process of being used up till he calls you home.

Are you hiding under a bushel, and fearful of people, and any need they may have?

Out of the abundance of love that God pours into the heart of the redeemed, they love.

They walk the way of their Savior into the homes, and hearts of the needy, and are not afraid of dirt.

Are you?

Do you fear the sin of others, and the filth of their lives?

Consider why.

The Pharisees were a group of religious people who stood back, and walked around, and clung to their religiosity, and helped no one but themselves to as much ease as they could get.

Pharisees walk the easy road, and avoid work, and don't see need, and think that they are righteous.

Right hearts walk right into a muddy mess and help, and soothe, and carry loads.

Fearful only of leaving someone behind, they serve.

Do you?

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  1. Thank you. This spoke to my heart. It is something that the Lord is talking to me about.