June 12, 2016

"It is only $10 a month"

Have you heard a sales pitch like that lately?

Some glam bags are as much as $20 a month.

The taste club sample box is only $10 a month.

Book of the month is about $15 a month.

I'm not knocking these deals.

But every time I hear one hawked, I think that over the course of a year, over $100 is easily spent.

That's not much.

But here is what niggles my mind.

Over the span of 10 years, that $100 a month has turned into $1000 or more.

The stuff that we spend our money on is no one's business but our own.

I will therefore get to the point.

Do you easily part with your $$ when it comes to giving to the poor?

Have you given, over the last 10 years, more than $1000 to someone poor?

In Galatians 2, the apostles are talking about where they will go on their mission trips, and to whom they will share the gospel with as they go, and Paul tells us that he was specifically encouraged to not only spread the gospel, but to remember the poor as well.

What was his response to that encouragement?

He says that "remembering the poor" was the very thing that he was eager to do.

Do you remember the poor, or do you seldom think of them?

Do you have poor friends?

Do you give to the beggar on the corner?

Jesus said that we are to give to the one who asks of us, and to not turn away from them.

The true disciple follower of Jesus hears that and says, "You got it, Lord!"

The true believer is eager to do as commanded.


They love God (I John 5:3).

Do you?

To love God will not cost you $10 a month, it will cost you your life.

Loving God requires total surrender, and agreement with God about your sin.

Then he washes you. Then you are obedient. And again....why? Because the grace that is applied to your soul causes obedience, for the freedom that comes with repentance is wrapped up in love.

You will give if you love God.

You can give and not love God.

But you cannot love God and not give.

It will be the one thing that you are eager to do.

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