June 12, 2016

Hurting, and bleeding, and dying for me

My Savior, after being misunderstood by his friends, and then after being betrayed by one of them, and then after being falsely accused, mocked, and beaten, still went on forward to my salvation.

He bled, and being profusely tired, and while sweating through the pain, he walked on for me.

For whom will I dare to sweat, and walk on in love for the sake of salvation?

No, I do not need to die for the salvation of another. Not like Jesus died.

But just for this moment in time, and then the next, whom will I serve?

For whom will I allow a drop or two of sweat from my brow?

Is that too much to ask?

Will the footsteps of Jesus lead me there?

To work, to die, to live for others— that is the way of those who repent, turn, and are washed.

They see with new eyes, and their energy is then expended for the sake of others.

Their longing is that all may know the God they love.

With not one complaint, Jesus continued to love me all the way to soldiers who pierced his side.

Where will he take me today?

Where is he taking you?

For all of us, he desires to take us to death that we might live, abundantly sweat, and die for others.

It is in dying that we abundantly live.

The great liar, and the world will tell you otherwise.

What will you believe?

In whom do you believe?

If you say that it is Christ, then do you love, and live abundantly— for others?

Will you?

Can you?

Have you repented, and do you trust in Christ alone, and love God with all your heart?

Will you follow him to the death of the lies that you believe?

Will you follow him to the life he came to give?

Will you hurt, and bleed, and die, with no complaint, for others?

Oh the grace of my Lord. It's given, not to be hoarded, but shared. And share it you will, when it washes over your cleansed soul until one day soon you'll stand before him, casting your crowns.

Until then, his soldiers hurt, and bleed, and die for their world.

Do you?

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