June 6, 2016

Fame and fortune, or an obscure life?

Jesus commanded that we are to follow him.

His life was one of dedication to the will of the Father, and he did not promote himself in the process.

In all his ways, he pointed to, and lifted up, the Father.

He made the way for sinful souls to know the Father.

He sought no glory, but commanded that all people love God.

What is it that you seek?





Do you want to be known, or do you make known the way to God?

The soul, who knows God, deeply desires that others know him.

That is the only desire of their heart.

If making God known is not the singular desire of your heart, then your heart is divided.

A heart, that is divided, or one that wants the world, and the Lord, will not stand in the end.

Choices are made.

Will you go after what your eyes see?

That was the temptation in the garden, and the one that continues today.

See it, and want it, and fail to trust that if God wants me to have it, then he'll bring it.

A soul either seeks God, or something else.

How is it that a soul becomes singular in desire?


Since souls are born with sin in them, the pull is to the world from the start.

Will I seek the spotlight in my marriage, with my friends, and in life in general?

Or, will I seek God with all my heart?

The apostle Paul knew of having it all, and having nothing, and whichever way God took him was the way that he lived, and he was joyful in it all, because for him to live was Christ, and to die, gain.

Is that your message to your world?

Is it, "I'm a vessel. Use me up, Lord. I want to go out with nothing left on the table. Here is all of me. I'm not fearful to serve, and submit, and give. Out of a love for you, I surrender all."

Or do you look to see who is noticing you, and who will give you the ovation, and serve you?

Is your life one of, "Look at me, and do for me" or "Look at him! I'll serve you!"

Are you willing to live in obscurity?

Obscurity is the condition of being unknown.

What do you make known?

Is it God's love, or your desires, and needs, and wants?

Does revenge, power, money, envy, or fame drive you, or does God's grace compel your actions?

The redeemed woman doesn't crave the spotlight.

She lets her light shine so that God will be glorified.

She points to him, and should others desire to put her on a pedestal, she rejects that, and proclaims the gospel message, that God is good, and that she is only following orders of the One she loves.

Jesus had 12 followers.

Are you content with 12 who know your name, and who just might betray you?

Do you follow Jesus for the sake of God, or for the sake of his goodies?

Examine your heart.


Turn around.

Follow Jesus who will bring you to an agreement with God about your sin, and then grace will flood your soul, and in knowing God, you'll never be the same again.

You'll despise this world, and love people.

You'll no longer use others for your own pleasure-seeking selfish desires.

You'll die to self, serve others, and life in abundance will be given to you.

Choose which way you want to go.

Choose wisely, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Time is fleeting.

The lost world waits for someone willing to live in obscurity and point them to the Savior.

Are you willing?

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