June 14, 2016

Do you live by how you feel?

"I feel sad."

"I feel happy."

"I feel despair."

"I feel depressed."

"I feel discouraged."

There are so many ways to "feel" about life in general.

Weddings can make us "feel" happy, and divorces can make us "feel" sad.

Births? Happy!

Death? Sad!

But that is not always the case. There are some who are not happy about births, and some who are glad that someone has finally passed. So feelings are not universally felt the same way.

Feelings come and go.


Moods is another word for feelings.

If I'm up, then hubby can expect a kiss, and a great meal!

If I'm down, then hubby can expect to get his own food, and stay away from me.

If I've had my rest, then I'll be a good girl; I might even smile at a stranger.

If I've not slept well, well then, you better keep your distance, and don't cross me.

If I don't physically feel just right, then I may not speak with kindness.

That's just the way it is with some people.

But with the redeemed, they don't live by feelings.

They live by faith.

What does that mean exactly?

They get it.

They have an understanding about God.

They know him.

They know that it matters not whether they have slept, or eaten well, or whether they ache, or not.

They love. Because they've repented, and been washed, they love. They love God, and obey him.

They have been given a new nature that does not originate with man and woman.

They have been born again through the Spirit of God.

New people, they are.

They do not walk, talk, or act like the world, and the world is very moody.

Are you?

If so, consider that you need to be born new.

Being born new is not of your doing.

It is an act of God on you. See John 1:13. We are commanded to seek God.

We are not told in Scripture to pray a prayer to accept Jesus.

We are told to follow Jesus.

To follow him, we must know what he taught, and then follow those ways, and as we follow him, our steps take us to God, and in walking toward God, the Spirit convicts us of sin, and shows us where we are not loving someone. After repenting of that hate, the Spirit no longer convicts a soul.

The Spirit convinces the redeemed over and over to love, and the redeemed will love.

They find new ways to love, and different avenues to love, and new people to love.

They are always loving.

To do otherwise is to hate.

Hate and love cannot abide in a soul simultaneously (Matthew 7:18).

If you want to "feel" like that does happen, then you can choose to do that.

That is an option. It is a lie nevertheless. But people can choose to believe a lie.

To believe the truth, and know it, one must study it.

Do you?

Or do you just "feel" like you know the Word?

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

Study the Word.

Then you will be proven in your faith.

Your feelings will come into alignment with faith (truth, fact, unswerving walk).

The redeemed know that feelings have nothing to do with abundant life.

Do you know that for a certainty?

They know that their salvation had nothing to do with them.

They are not proud that they are saved.

They are thankful.

Always thankful that their sin-sick soul is no longer sick and in sin.

Seek God. Repent of your sin. The days are short here on earth.

I don't feel like that is true; by faith I know it is true.

The most fit person you know can drop dead.

The fattest person you know can live to be ninety.

Do you feel that is not so?

It is true.

You will believe that God has your days numbered, or you won't believe that.

You will believe that the Word says to be perfect, and it means what it says, or you won't.

You may just not "feel" that some things are true.

Your feelings do not change truth.

Many believed, and still may believe that the world is flat, and they "feel" very strongly about it.

So what.

How will you know that you are born new?


It is the one "feeling" that God gives to the repentant, and in the repentant, love is not a feeling.

Love is an action word.

Feel it, or not, the redeemed love.

Do you?

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