June 10, 2016

A peculiar people

The redeemed are called "peculiar" in Scripture.

Do you wonder in what way that is the situation?

Is it in the way that they dress?

Well, certainly modesty enters the picture, but if modesty were "the" central issue, then all Amish, and Mennonite people would be saved, and no where do we see, "Dress like the Amish, or Mennonite, and thou shalt be saved" in Scripture.

Is it in the way one talks?

Well, again, speech patterns enter the picture, but if talk were the only way, then all the religious leaders, at least how they talk in public settings, would be saved, but no where do we see, "Speak like religious leaders, at least in public, and thou shalt be saved" in Scripture.

Is it in the way one goes about daily activities?

Yes, that is part of it too, but if the way one eats, and drinks, and does this, and doesn't do that were the way to salvation, then Scripture would go like this, "Don't drink caffeine, and worship only on Saturday, and never eat meat, and never watch an R-rated film, and don't play cards, drink wine, or associate with those who do, and thou shalt be saved."

The one determining factor that makes redeemed people peculiar, and followers of Jesus, is love.

By this (meaning love) will everyone know that you are my disciples (John 13:35).

It is in the way that they love.

It is different from the ways of the world.

The world will "love" you if you love first, and in return, and will bite and devour you if you don't.

Do you love?

When someone betrays you, do you love?

When someone is unkind to you after you've been kind to them, do you love?

When someone close to you disappoints you, again, and again, and always, do you love?

Jesus had twelve men who indicated to Jesus that they loved him, and would follow him to their death if needed, and then they didn't, and Jesus loved them still, and laid down his life for them.

For whom do you lay down you life?

Is it only for those who love you back?

Jesus asks, "What type of love is that?" in Luke 6:32.

That is easy, he says, for even sinners can do that .

The road that the followers of Jesus walk is hard, but very doable, for he gives to those who follow him life, and freedom, and power to love always, and those who have his power bless their enemies, and pray for those who persecute them, and they follow him, which means that they do as he says.

Do you?

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