May 26, 2016

When will you stop sinning?

Jesus says that sin is done because of a love for it.

People love darkness (John 3:19), and sin is darkness.

Once a soul agrees with God about sin, then repentance occurs.

Until then, greed, and self-promotion, and hate, and envy, and lust, and idolatry are justified.

The things we love to do are the things that we weigh in our minds as "okay" to do.

People who murder, either in their minds, or outright, do so because they think it is right to do it.

Remember, Jesus said that is the reason why.

The unsaved soul loves sin.

Ask yourself this question, "If I am saved, then from what am I saved?"

If the answer is, "Hell," and not "Sin," then one can continue in sin until they reach heaven.

Ask yourself, "What is hell," and if the answer is not, "Separation from God," then sin continues.

Sin committed is separation from God.

If you would say that to repent is to turn from sin, then to commit sin again is to turn to it, right?

And does it not then stand to reason that to turn to sin is to turn from God?

How many times does that happen?

Is one saved from sin, and then when one sins again, then do they not get caught in the quagmire again that is sin, and then do they need to be saved yet again?

In sinning, yet again, do they love what they do? Jesus would say, "Yes."

How does one love God with all their heart, and yet love sin too?

Can a heart divided stand?

The question remains, "When will you stop sinning?"

It seems that the answer lies in turning, repenting, and having a change of heart (metanoia).

And then one is saved, once and for all, never to be the same ever again.

The redeemed are given a new heart.


Born new.

Have you been born new?

That is when you will stop sinning.

At that point, you will love God, and your neighbor with all your heart.

At that point, you will bear the burdens of others.

At that point, you will not boast in yourself, but in God alone.

That is when you stop sinning, and fulfill all the law, once and for always.

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