May 28, 2016

What is boastful?

It is very important to reason (think) about what Scripture instructs.

What is boastful?

To boast is to have a reason to be proud and to express it.

All boasting is evil (James 4:16).

If anyone should praise you, let it not be your own mouth, but the mouth of another (Proverbs 27:2).

The world says, "Express yourself."

Scripture says that it is desirable to be quiet and gentle (I Peter 3:4).

There are two roads, and on the narrow road, one walks according to God's ways.

How do you walk?

Do you want to be heard, and seen, and do you think your ideas must be heard?

Do you look for life to be fair, and strive for that, or do you serve a God who is able to do with you as he chooses, which includes making all things work together for your good?

Or do you force the issues to work for your good?

Are your minutes wasted in manipulating others to see your point of view, or do you pray?

Do you work for the good of others, or for your own good?

Do you boast in the God of all creation, or is your mind set on working for what you want?

Choose this day whom you will serve.

 A good tree produces only good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

What are you producing?

Think about it.

Consider your ways.

Whom do you serve?

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