May 16, 2016

Weaker, not weak

I'm going to guess that some women use the passage from I Peter 3:7 as a crutch.

It's not correct to assume that because the Word says that women are weaker than men, then to also claim weakness, and behave in a fashion so as to avoid compliance to a godly, obedient life.

Do you fall back on that passage when you don't want to be obedient?

Do you claim an inability to do something because you are the weaker vessel?

In all ways, women are weaker vessels.

But to say women are weaker than men is not the same as saying that women are weak.

In the Olympics, in high school sports, and in a neighborhood game of tag between children, someone will be stronger, and someone will be weaker, but the one who is weaker is not weak.

Women who know God have his spirit in them.

God's spirit causes an abundance of fruit to grow in a submitted vessel.

The woman, who has repented, and who walks the narrow road, is strong in fruit production.

She may need help moving the sofa, and she may need a shoulder on which to rest, but she works.

She needs no crutch on which to fake an inability to do as she is commanded.

The Lord does not leave any one, including the weaker vessel, without the ability to comply.

He does all the work of obedience through a submitted vessel.

The weaker vessel is not as strong as a man, but she is obedient.

She is not vain in her belief, nor is she proud.

The woman, who loves God with all her heart, lives her life held by him, and she steadfastly walks.

Her walk is on the narrow road, and on it she is passionate, and compassionate, and she loves.

Others see with their eyes, and hear with their ears her song of praise, and her joyful heart.

On the narrow road, the weaker vessel is strong.

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