May 4, 2016

thoughts of tomorrow...

Jesus taught that to think about tomorrow, and place any hope in it, is not to be done.

Those who follow him, live in the moment, ready to serve now.

Fretting over what one does not have (tomorrow) is to walk in darkness.

To follow Jesus means to walk in obedience to what he commanded.

One will falter if each step, first this one, and then the next, is muddled with fretting.

None of us is guaranteed our next breath here on this earth.

Do thoughts of what tomorrow, or what the next hour, may bring flit through your mind?

Let those thoughts, and concerns pass on through your gray matter.

I want to make jam, but thoughts of canning, and making more than a pot-full overwhelm me.

I may never stem a strawberry if I think I must do enough for a year.

Think about today.

Think about this moment in time.

Make the bed. Fix the breakfast. Wash the dish. Serve the neighbor. Make a pot-full of jam.

Be kind.

Rejoice always.

Seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Do not worry about tomorrow. 
Today's trouble is enough for today (Matthew 6:33-34).

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