May 19, 2016

The woman-servant of the Lord

is a living sacrifice.

never seeks self-promotion.

lives and breathes for her King.

is attentive to widows, and orphans.

rests when needed in order to serve yet again.

enjoys nourishment to gain strength to help another.

puts no confidence in her flesh.

is mindful that her days are numbered by her King.

knows beyond any doubt that her Lord cares for her.

gets up before dawn, and fixes breakfast for those still sleeping.

tends to her home, and looks well to the needs of her family.

will submit, if married, to her husband, and if not married, to her Lord in all her ways.

is single-minded, and does not take interest in any worldly ways.

minds her own business, and is not a gossip.

is not a grudge-bearer, but a burden-bearer.

always prays, in faith, believing she is heard, and therefore, she frets not.

is joyful— even in her tears, and in sad times.

is content, wanting for absolutely nothing.

is aware that her abundant life has nothing to do with any effort on her part.

walks constantly into her world in one way or another, and is poured out, and used up willingly.

does not complain, nor does she wait, or want for accolades, but praises, always praises her Savior. 

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