May 20, 2016


Do you find it easier to walk according to a set of rules?

If so, do some of your rules sound like this:

Always say please, and thank you. Men open doors for women. Friday night is date-night.

Only eat organic. Always brush teeth after every meal. Floss once a day.

Read the Bible for at least 5 minutes every day.

Have three servings of fruit a day.

Go visiting on Saturdays.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, or the right to be cranky exists.

Okay, now are you thinking of some of your rules?

The temptation will be to set up standards in your home, when Scripture gives us one rule.


When someone does not say please, or thank you, and when your husband does not open the door for you, and when something conflicts with date-night, and when you are where organic is not served, and when you forget to brush your teeth, or you run out of floss, and you didn't have your quiet time, and when all you have in the kitchen is pasta, and your visitation gets interrupted by unexpected guests, and when you only get 5 hours of sleep, and when all your "rules" are broken, do you love?

Are you patient, and kind, and gentle no matter what, or must rules be followed first?

The behavior of the Pharisees was such as that.

They had their rules, and they looked down their noses at the those who did not comply accordingly.

Do you?

Or does love rule your heart?

All the commandments have been reduced to love.

Love the Lord your God totally, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Can't do the second part of that command without doing the first part of it.

And a soul will do the first part of it (and the second part) once they meet the God of all creation.

A soul meets the God of all creation upon repentance.

Until you repent, you will continue to live by rules, for they bring a false sense of righteousness.

As in, "I'm good because I don't eat such-and-such, and you need to stop eating such-and-such."

Righteousness does not come from outside activity, but from repentance, and being made new inside.

From what does one repent, or turn, never to turn back again?

Selfishness, anger, greed, pride, lust, envy, contempt, gossip, gluttony, drunkenness, and on and on the list of sin goes, but the whole list of sin is reduced to the opposite of love which is hate.

The redeemed live by one rule.

Galatians 5 tells us from what Christ has set us free (sin), and Galatians 6 tells us by what rule to live.

It is love.

No matter what the circumstance, love.

No matter what rule you think you must live by to be happy, if love does not rule your heart, forget it.

Happiness is the same as blessedness.

The woman, who knows God, drops her Pharisaical rules, and loves, no matter what.

Her children see that she is blessed, and express it, and her husband knows it too (Proverbs 31:28).

Does your husband know that you are happy?

Or are you waiting on him to behave, get right, and act like a husband is called to do?

Do you children know that you are happy?

Is that how they would describe you?

Do they know that no matter what momma is going to be in a good mood, or does it take "something" else happening? Anything at all? Must you have something, go somewhere, or have someone stop or start doing something in order for all to be well with your soul? Must you shower first to love?

Is it God alone who satisfies you?

If not, then you have rules.

When God alone rules your heart, let it rain on your parade, for you are one happy woman.

Come what may, in a desert, in a lush forest, in bleak times, or abundance, the soul who knows God is content, abounding, and happy, for nothing compares to the riches of simply knowing God.

Do you know him, or do you know about him?

Do you follow rules, or do you love?


Seek God, repent, and be set free, and love, or set up rules.

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