May 25, 2016

Perfect in love

Jesus commands it.

We deny we can be it.


Matthew 5:48 is where you will find the command.

How is perfection attained?


Looking back at the verses before the command, we see that Jesus is explaining the way perfection is demonstrated, and it is in loving, not just those who love us, but the ones who don't too.

Love everyone, Jesus is saying, and you will be perfect like your Father in heaven.

But what comes first, even before loving everyone, what comes first?


While in sin, one turns from it, and to their Father, and is never the same again.

They are perfect, because of what he does in a sinful heart, they are perfect.

They love, for upon repentance, love is poured into a heart (Romans 5:5).

Like a flood it comes in and it runs through every crevice of a soul, and it flows out to everyone.

To everyone, the repentant is kind, long-suffering, and gentle.

While being rebuffed, hated, and shunned the redeemed soul continues to demonstrate grace.

Perfection cannot be conjured. It can be pretended. It cannot be accomplished by works.

Yet the effect of the perfecting of the Spirit upon the repentant is works.

The perfected soul works, even while tempted to not love, they love anyway.

They do not boast of perfection; they boast of God's saving grace.

Have you been made perfect?

If so, you'll be loving on everyone, not just a few, and it won't be a heavy burden that you cannot do.

Perfect souls love.

Love is the outward expression of inward redemption.

It's not wealth.

It's not health.

It's not tongues.

It's not the shakes.

It's not attaining power.

Inward redemption produces an abundance of fruit in the form of outward demonstrations of love.

What are you producing?

Is it gentleness, and kindness, and long-suffering?

Do you love?

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