May 27, 2016

It takes work

Do you want someone to know you?

Serve you as you wish to be served?

Do you think of yourself as the princess, or queen, who has no servant?

To whom do you show love as you wish to be loved?

Scripture tells us to give and it shall be given.

It also says to love someone else like you love yourself.

Do you know that your husband like his bacon fried up crisp?

Do you know very well that he likes tea fixed a certain way?

Does he prefer to have a stay-cation as opposed to a vacation?

Have you learned how to fry up the bacon to be crisp, not limp?

Do you fix his tea that "certain" way, and keep it ready for him?

And do you adjust your desires to his when it comes to free time?

Would you want someone to do all that for you?

Do you serve a God who is able to bless you with the desires of your heart?

The redeemed woman knows God, and she knows that only he is able to change a heart, and she knows that he will give her the desires of her heart, and that she is to love her neighbor (which includes her husband) just like she loves herself, and she knows that she is to be obedient.

And she is.

And it takes work (or spending energy) on doing as God commands her.

And she does it, for she loves her God, and she finds the yoke is easy, and the burden light.

And she sings.

As she spends her energy, she sings, for she cannot keep silent, and as she sings, she is renewed.

From the rising of the sun, until it sets, she works, and sings, and her desires are met, and have been met, for in knowing God she wants for nothing else; her heart is content.

To know God means coming home to him, which means turning from sin to him.

In knowing God, a woman's heart is new; she longs for home, but until then, the saved woman works.

And she sings.

The singing never stops. She does not stop singing to complain. She sings and works.

Does that describe you?

If not, repent.

Change your mind.

Turn to God, and walk the narrow road.

God is calling you to turn around, stop the hate, the grudge-matches, and the envy.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

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