May 28, 2016

In the spotlight

It is not a good thing to promote one's talents or abilities.

If pleasure is derived from the attention received from others, then vanity ensues.

In training children, be aware of promoting them, and of provoking them to promote themselves.

Pride is easy. The worldly heart loves attention. It makes one feel more important than another.

Vanity takes one down the road to destruction, and in the end, one is fruitless, and empty.

Teach your children to think of others; serve others; live for others.

They learn more from watching what you do, than from hearing what you say.

Take them with you when you serve others, and instruct them to serve at home.

With a gentle voice, tell them to do service oriented things; make sure they are obedient.

In training them to live for others, they will have an idea of what it is like to follow Christ.

To live for him is to not think of oneself.

When God saves a soul, then that soul no longer lives on a stage seeking significance.

The saved soul reflects the Savior, and points the spotlight on him, and dies to self.

It is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.

Have you offered your body as a living sacrifice?

That is the command.

Die to self.

That is the command.

The new creation, because of a love for God, is obedient (I John 5:3).

The born-new soul runs from the spotlight, yet lets their light shine, and their good deeds cause others to praise the name of God (Matthew 5:16).

Will anyone praise the name of the Lord because of your selfless good deeds this day?

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