May 23, 2016


Is there not a more appealing (at times), and loathsome (at times) topic as food?

Mostly we talk about what we eat, and don't eat, like, and love, and along with all that talk, we also discuss diets, and no dieting, and fasts, and partial fasts, and no fasting at all.

Scripture has some things to say about food.

Mostly it talks about not being offensive with our talk of it, and our eating of it.

If eating beef, or pork, or cupcakes offends my neighbor, then I'm to refrain from those items.

At least while I am in their presence.

You see, life for the redeemed is not about food, it is about the gospel message.

Nothing is to interfere with the spread of the love of God, and the redemption story.

But if you can enjoy a cupcake or two, and still share God's love with a neighbor, then go ahead.

Do whatever you do with grace.

Enjoy whatever food is offered to you with a thankful heart.

Don't shove anything down the throat of another, not any food preference, or lack of preference.

And for sure, don't shove the gospel message down the throat of another.

With love, and a full, or hungry belly, share his grace.

It's not about food.

It's about God, and God is love.

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