May 9, 2016


No one was more down-to-earth than Jesus.

He not only came down to earth, but he left a very high place, and position to do so.

Why did he do it?

Because of love.

Are you down-to-earth?

In slang terms, I mean, not pretentious.

And by not pretentious, I mean not having an exaggerated sense of importance.

Must others meet your expectations in terms of behavior in order to be excepted by you?

Do you love unconditionally, or with conditions?

To follow Jesus, one must turn from pride, pretense, and prickliness.

One will not say one thing, and behave another, and truly know God.

To know the God of all creation, one must have a down-to-earth experience, and it begins with love.

If you know him, then to whom do you give down-to-earth love?

For whom do you stoop?


It's the only way to walk the narrow road.

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