May 15, 2016

Do you wait to love?

To be kind, do you wait for all to be well?

While you wait for your breakfast, are you kind?

Is your house needing a good cleaning, and is there a stack of dirty dishes that you need to wash?

Are there weeds in your flowers, and is the grass knee-deep, and are your windows embarrassingly filthy, and do you need a haircut, and could you stand to lose some weight?

Is your neighbor standoffish? Has your friend said something unkind? How about your hubby?

All the while are you kind?

What does it take for kindness to escape from your lips, and hands, and what causes you to smile?

Is it anything at all external?

Is it the behavior of anyone else?

Does someone else need to repent, confess, or love you first for you to be kind to them?

If so, then you walk by sight, and feelings, and you will be moody.

You can try to be kind, and good, and love.

The repentant heart is kind, and good, and the repentant woman loves.

If trying is what it takes, then everyone is saved.

The Word never talks about trying.

The command is to repent.

Turn from the pigsty that constitutes self-willed living, and die to your way of doing things.

Seek God. Seek his kingdom, and not just in the morning, or a few minutes at night.

He will have your whole heart, or he has none of it.

A little leaven corrupts the whole heart.

You can think that you know God, but to really know him, one is never the same ever again.

It takes being born new. He gives a clean heart where sin once lived. There is no trying involved.

Salvation is not of anything you do (works).

To be born new means all is different. Impatience is gone. Judging is gone. Sin is gone. 

In repentance, one decides (while still in sin), to turn from it; that soul is given a new heart.

The old is gone, and the new has come in one who has been born of God.

Do not be deceived.

If you walk around moody, and angry, and you are up now, and down the next, you know not God.

Those who know God do not wait for all to be well to be kind.

All is well in the new heart.

The woman who knows God does not wait on outward circumstances to be as she desires, and then she can be kind, and gentle, and sweet, and giving, and joyful, and patient.

Come what may, she is kind.

Let the roof leak. Let it collapse. Let her walls fall around her.

Cheat on her. Betray her. Call her all manner of degrading names.

She remains Christ-like.

She is kind.

There is no caveat with her.

The brand new woman knows God! She is free! She is held in his hands, and all is well— always.

Her heart is new, and she can do nothing less than love.

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