May 26, 2016

Come let us reason together concering stress

Stress is the same as strain.

It is something that is put on something, or someone.

I can put strain on a child's chair, by sitting in it, and after a bit, it may break from the stress of my "adult" weight.

But when it comes to stress in the life of a human, the world has a lot to say.

The world's wisdom to relieve physical stress is to take a vacation if you can, or take a walk, or eat a healthy meal, or have a milkshake, or eat an orange, or breathe deeply, or color, or paint, or get a pet, or get rid of a pet, or be intentional, or do a fasting cleanse of your body, or go for a jog, or stop jogging, and on and on it goes, ad nauseam.

What will they think of next?

Anything, and everything, but to repent.

Imagine Paul, the apostle, being told to do any of those things while undergoing the circumstances that he faced. He would undoubtedly look bewildered, and then most likely exclaim, as he did to the Galatians, "Who has bewitched you?!?!"

The gospel message is composed of repentance, and freedom, and life in abundance of good fruit.

It is 180 degrees from the world's message of "do this" and "don't do that" in order to have peace.

Any "stress" in the life of the redeemed is greeted with thanksgiving, and most likely, the "stress" is not even recognized as anything out of the ordinary.

The life of the redeemed is full, and it overflows, and it is just a foretaste of glory divine.

In redemption, a soul is born new.

All things are different.

No more is life seen through eyes that are fearful, or doubtful, or stressed.

If your life is marked with stress, and anger, and frustration, fear, and envy, and a desire for more, then read again the gospel message found in the Gospels.

Jesus came that you might have life.

Life, from him, is good.

It's all good, even what the would would deem stressful, or bad, or hard.

God is love, and cares for his own, and his children love him with all that is within them.

Do you?

Do you love God completely?

If not, then consider why it is that you don't.

Stress is not the culprit.

Nothing separates a soul in love with God from God, and the soul, who loves God, is full of peace.

Does that describe you?

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.

Come let us reason together.

Stop and think about your actions, your words, and if what you do is Christlike or worldly.

One cannot walk both roads.

One is narrow, and the other is wide, and few find the narrow way.

Do you walk with God on the narrow road?

Or do you walk all over the road, sometimes good, and sometimes bad?

Sometimes thankful, and sometimes complaining?

Sometimes happy, and sometimes sad?

I Corinthians 10:13 tells us that while the redeemed are tempted, God keeps them from sin.

Do you love?


That is the command. It is not a demand. It is a command.

Study the difference.

And love God with all your heart.


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