May 27, 2016

Are you ready to die?

The redeemed woman is ready to die, fears no evil, and in fact, dies daily.

Death is not something that she avoids discussing.

She wants to talk about it, for her death is better than life; it is gain.

What woman doesn't enjoy talking about what will enhance her life?

The truly redeemed woman does not see life on earth as better than death.

Nothing will hold her to this earth when her Lord calls her home.

She has her ears trained to his voice.

She is listening for that call as she serves, relentlessly serving, she listens.

She does not consider her life so very important that she must remain here when he calls.

In fact, she won't remain here when he calls!

The ONE who controls her now, controls her tomorrows, yes indeed, he controls her every breath.

She is ready. The redeemed woman stays ready. Nothing tethers her to this earth.

She loathes the things of this earth, the world, and its treasures, stay foreign to her.

Now, or later, and for her, sooner is better, for in her heart, she longs for her eternal home.

Every cell in her body craves the comfort of heaven.

She lives with a homesickness that nothing on earth can cure.

Do you?

Are you ready to die?

Are you dying daily? Do you lay down your life with every moment you live here on earth?

Only in truly living for Christ, which is to die daily, is one ready to pass on.

Ready to go, ready to stay, the truly redeemed woman is simply ready always to do His will.

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