May 28, 2016

What is boastful?

It is very important to reason (think) about what Scripture instructs.

What is boastful?

To boast is to have a reason to be proud and to express it.

All boasting is evil (James 4:16).

If anyone should praise you, let it not be your own mouth, but the mouth of another (Proverbs 27:2).

The world says, "Express yourself."

Scripture says that it is desirable to be quiet and gentle (I Peter 3:4).

There are two roads, and on the narrow road, one walks according to God's ways.

How do you walk?

Do you want to be heard, and seen, and do you think your ideas must be heard?

Do you look for life to be fair, and strive for that, or do you serve a God who is able to do with you as he chooses, which includes making all things work together for your good?

Or do you force the issues to work for your good?

Are your minutes wasted in manipulating others to see your point of view, or do you pray?

Do you work for the good of others, or for your own good?

Do you boast in the God of all creation, or is your mind set on working for what you want?

Choose this day whom you will serve.

 A good tree produces only good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

What are you producing?

Think about it.

Consider your ways.

Whom do you serve?

In the spotlight

It is not a good thing to promote one's talents or abilities.

If pleasure is derived from the attention received from others, then vanity ensues.

In training children, be aware of promoting them, and of provoking them to promote themselves.

Pride is easy. The worldly heart loves attention. It makes one feel more important than another.

Vanity takes one down the road to destruction, and in the end, one is fruitless, and empty.

Teach your children to think of others; serve others; live for others.

They learn more from watching what you do, than from hearing what you say.

Take them with you when you serve others, and instruct them to serve at home.

With a gentle voice, tell them to do service oriented things; make sure they are obedient.

In training them to live for others, they will have an idea of what it is like to follow Christ.

To live for him is to not think of oneself.

When God saves a soul, then that soul no longer lives on a stage seeking significance.

The saved soul reflects the Savior, and points the spotlight on him, and dies to self.

It is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.

Have you offered your body as a living sacrifice?

That is the command.

Die to self.

That is the command.

The new creation, because of a love for God, is obedient (I John 5:3).

The born-new soul runs from the spotlight, yet lets their light shine, and their good deeds cause others to praise the name of God (Matthew 5:16).

Will anyone praise the name of the Lord because of your selfless good deeds this day?

May 27, 2016

Are you ready to die?

The redeemed woman is ready to die, fears no evil, and in fact, dies daily.

Death is not something that she avoids discussing.

She wants to talk about it, for her death is better than life; it is gain.

What woman doesn't enjoy talking about what will enhance her life?

The truly redeemed woman does not see life on earth as better than death.

Nothing will hold her to this earth when her Lord calls her home.

She has her ears trained to his voice.

She is listening for that call as she serves, relentlessly serving, she listens.

She does not consider her life so very important that she must remain here when he calls.

In fact, she won't remain here when he calls!

The ONE who controls her now, controls her tomorrows, yes indeed, he controls her every breath.

She is ready. The redeemed woman stays ready. Nothing tethers her to this earth.

She loathes the things of this earth, the world, and its treasures, stay foreign to her.

Now, or later, and for her, sooner is better, for in her heart, she longs for her eternal home.

Every cell in her body craves the comfort of heaven.

She lives with a homesickness that nothing on earth can cure.

Do you?

Are you ready to die?

Are you dying daily? Do you lay down your life with every moment you live here on earth?

Only in truly living for Christ, which is to die daily, is one ready to pass on.

Ready to go, ready to stay, the truly redeemed woman is simply ready always to do His will.

It takes work

Do you want someone to know you?

Serve you as you wish to be served?

Do you think of yourself as the princess, or queen, who has no servant?

To whom do you show love as you wish to be loved?

Scripture tells us to give and it shall be given.

It also says to love someone else like you love yourself.

Do you know that your husband like his bacon fried up crisp?

Do you know very well that he likes tea fixed a certain way?

Does he prefer to have a stay-cation as opposed to a vacation?

Have you learned how to fry up the bacon to be crisp, not limp?

Do you fix his tea that "certain" way, and keep it ready for him?

And do you adjust your desires to his when it comes to free time?

Would you want someone to do all that for you?

Do you serve a God who is able to bless you with the desires of your heart?

The redeemed woman knows God, and she knows that only he is able to change a heart, and she knows that he will give her the desires of her heart, and that she is to love her neighbor (which includes her husband) just like she loves herself, and she knows that she is to be obedient.

And she is.

And it takes work (or spending energy) on doing as God commands her.

And she does it, for she loves her God, and she finds the yoke is easy, and the burden light.

And she sings.

As she spends her energy, she sings, for she cannot keep silent, and as she sings, she is renewed.

From the rising of the sun, until it sets, she works, and sings, and her desires are met, and have been met, for in knowing God she wants for nothing else; her heart is content.

To know God means coming home to him, which means turning from sin to him.

In knowing God, a woman's heart is new; she longs for home, but until then, the saved woman works.

And she sings.

The singing never stops. She does not stop singing to complain. She sings and works.

Does that describe you?

If not, repent.

Change your mind.

Turn to God, and walk the narrow road.

God is calling you to turn around, stop the hate, the grudge-matches, and the envy.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

May 26, 2016

Come let us reason together concering stress

Stress is the same as strain.

It is something that is put on something, or someone.

I can put strain on a child's chair, by sitting in it, and after a bit, it may break from the stress of my "adult" weight.

But when it comes to stress in the life of a human, the world has a lot to say.

The world's wisdom to relieve physical stress is to take a vacation if you can, or take a walk, or eat a healthy meal, or have a milkshake, or eat an orange, or breathe deeply, or color, or paint, or get a pet, or get rid of a pet, or be intentional, or do a fasting cleanse of your body, or go for a jog, or stop jogging, and on and on it goes, ad nauseam.

What will they think of next?

Anything, and everything, but to repent.

Imagine Paul, the apostle, being told to do any of those things while undergoing the circumstances that he faced. He would undoubtedly look bewildered, and then most likely exclaim, as he did to the Galatians, "Who has bewitched you?!?!"

The gospel message is composed of repentance, and freedom, and life in abundance of good fruit.

It is 180 degrees from the world's message of "do this" and "don't do that" in order to have peace.

Any "stress" in the life of the redeemed is greeted with thanksgiving, and most likely, the "stress" is not even recognized as anything out of the ordinary.

The life of the redeemed is full, and it overflows, and it is just a foretaste of glory divine.

In redemption, a soul is born new.

All things are different.

No more is life seen through eyes that are fearful, or doubtful, or stressed.

If your life is marked with stress, and anger, and frustration, fear, and envy, and a desire for more, then read again the gospel message found in the Gospels.

Jesus came that you might have life.

Life, from him, is good.

It's all good, even what the would would deem stressful, or bad, or hard.

God is love, and cares for his own, and his children love him with all that is within them.

Do you?

Do you love God completely?

If not, then consider why it is that you don't.

Stress is not the culprit.

Nothing separates a soul in love with God from God, and the soul, who loves God, is full of peace.

Does that describe you?

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.

Come let us reason together.

Stop and think about your actions, your words, and if what you do is Christlike or worldly.

One cannot walk both roads.

One is narrow, and the other is wide, and few find the narrow way.

Do you walk with God on the narrow road?

Or do you walk all over the road, sometimes good, and sometimes bad?

Sometimes thankful, and sometimes complaining?

Sometimes happy, and sometimes sad?

I Corinthians 10:13 tells us that while the redeemed are tempted, God keeps them from sin.

Do you love?


That is the command. It is not a demand. It is a command.

Study the difference.

And love God with all your heart.


When will you stop sinning?

Jesus says that sin is done because of a love for it.

People love darkness (John 3:19), and sin is darkness.

Once a soul agrees with God about sin, then repentance occurs.

Until then, greed, and self-promotion, and hate, and envy, and lust, and idolatry are justified.

The things we love to do are the things that we weigh in our minds as "okay" to do.

People who murder, either in their minds, or outright, do so because they think it is right to do it.

Remember, Jesus said that is the reason why.

The unsaved soul loves sin.

Ask yourself this question, "If I am saved, then from what am I saved?"

If the answer is, "Hell," and not "Sin," then one can continue in sin until they reach heaven.

Ask yourself, "What is hell," and if the answer is not, "Separation from God," then sin continues.

Sin committed is separation from God.

If you would say that to repent is to turn from sin, then to commit sin again is to turn to it, right?

And does it not then stand to reason that to turn to sin is to turn from God?

How many times does that happen?

Is one saved from sin, and then when one sins again, then do they not get caught in the quagmire again that is sin, and then do they need to be saved yet again?

In sinning, yet again, do they love what they do? Jesus would say, "Yes."

How does one love God with all their heart, and yet love sin too?

Can a heart divided stand?

The question remains, "When will you stop sinning?"

It seems that the answer lies in turning, repenting, and having a change of heart (metanoia).

And then one is saved, once and for all, never to be the same ever again.

The redeemed are given a new heart.


Born new.

Have you been born new?

That is when you will stop sinning.

At that point, you will love God, and your neighbor with all your heart.

At that point, you will bear the burdens of others.

At that point, you will not boast in yourself, but in God alone.

That is when you stop sinning, and fulfill all the law, once and for always.

May 25, 2016

Perfect in love

Jesus commands it.

We deny we can be it.


Matthew 5:48 is where you will find the command.

How is perfection attained?


Looking back at the verses before the command, we see that Jesus is explaining the way perfection is demonstrated, and it is in loving, not just those who love us, but the ones who don't too.

Love everyone, Jesus is saying, and you will be perfect like your Father in heaven.

But what comes first, even before loving everyone, what comes first?


While in sin, one turns from it, and to their Father, and is never the same again.

They are perfect, because of what he does in a sinful heart, they are perfect.

They love, for upon repentance, love is poured into a heart (Romans 5:5).

Like a flood it comes in and it runs through every crevice of a soul, and it flows out to everyone.

To everyone, the repentant is kind, long-suffering, and gentle.

While being rebuffed, hated, and shunned the redeemed soul continues to demonstrate grace.

Perfection cannot be conjured. It can be pretended. It cannot be accomplished by works.

Yet the effect of the perfecting of the Spirit upon the repentant is works.

The perfected soul works, even while tempted to not love, they love anyway.

They do not boast of perfection; they boast of God's saving grace.

Have you been made perfect?

If so, you'll be loving on everyone, not just a few, and it won't be a heavy burden that you cannot do.

Perfect souls love.

Love is the outward expression of inward redemption.

It's not wealth.

It's not health.

It's not tongues.

It's not the shakes.

It's not attaining power.

Inward redemption produces an abundance of fruit in the form of outward demonstrations of love.

What are you producing?

Is it gentleness, and kindness, and long-suffering?

Do you love?

May 23, 2016


Is there not a more appealing (at times), and loathsome (at times) topic as food?

Mostly we talk about what we eat, and don't eat, like, and love, and along with all that talk, we also discuss diets, and no dieting, and fasts, and partial fasts, and no fasting at all.

Scripture has some things to say about food.

Mostly it talks about not being offensive with our talk of it, and our eating of it.

If eating beef, or pork, or cupcakes offends my neighbor, then I'm to refrain from those items.

At least while I am in their presence.

You see, life for the redeemed is not about food, it is about the gospel message.

Nothing is to interfere with the spread of the love of God, and the redemption story.

But if you can enjoy a cupcake or two, and still share God's love with a neighbor, then go ahead.

Do whatever you do with grace.

Enjoy whatever food is offered to you with a thankful heart.

Don't shove anything down the throat of another, not any food preference, or lack of preference.

And for sure, don't shove the gospel message down the throat of another.

With love, and a full, or hungry belly, share his grace.

It's not about food.

It's about God, and God is love.

May 20, 2016


Do you find it easier to walk according to a set of rules?

If so, do some of your rules sound like this:

Always say please, and thank you. Men open doors for women. Friday night is date-night.

Only eat organic. Always brush teeth after every meal. Floss once a day.

Read the Bible for at least 5 minutes every day.

Have three servings of fruit a day.

Go visiting on Saturdays.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, or the right to be cranky exists.

Okay, now are you thinking of some of your rules?

The temptation will be to set up standards in your home, when Scripture gives us one rule.


When someone does not say please, or thank you, and when your husband does not open the door for you, and when something conflicts with date-night, and when you are where organic is not served, and when you forget to brush your teeth, or you run out of floss, and you didn't have your quiet time, and when all you have in the kitchen is pasta, and your visitation gets interrupted by unexpected guests, and when you only get 5 hours of sleep, and when all your "rules" are broken, do you love?

Are you patient, and kind, and gentle no matter what, or must rules be followed first?

The behavior of the Pharisees was such as that.

They had their rules, and they looked down their noses at the those who did not comply accordingly.

Do you?

Or does love rule your heart?

All the commandments have been reduced to love.

Love the Lord your God totally, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Can't do the second part of that command without doing the first part of it.

And a soul will do the first part of it (and the second part) once they meet the God of all creation.

A soul meets the God of all creation upon repentance.

Until you repent, you will continue to live by rules, for they bring a false sense of righteousness.

As in, "I'm good because I don't eat such-and-such, and you need to stop eating such-and-such."

Righteousness does not come from outside activity, but from repentance, and being made new inside.

From what does one repent, or turn, never to turn back again?

Selfishness, anger, greed, pride, lust, envy, contempt, gossip, gluttony, drunkenness, and on and on the list of sin goes, but the whole list of sin is reduced to the opposite of love which is hate.

The redeemed live by one rule.

Galatians 5 tells us from what Christ has set us free (sin), and Galatians 6 tells us by what rule to live.

It is love.

No matter what the circumstance, love.

No matter what rule you think you must live by to be happy, if love does not rule your heart, forget it.

Happiness is the same as blessedness.

The woman, who knows God, drops her Pharisaical rules, and loves, no matter what.

Her children see that she is blessed, and express it, and her husband knows it too (Proverbs 31:28).

Does your husband know that you are happy?

Or are you waiting on him to behave, get right, and act like a husband is called to do?

Do you children know that you are happy?

Is that how they would describe you?

Do they know that no matter what momma is going to be in a good mood, or does it take "something" else happening? Anything at all? Must you have something, go somewhere, or have someone stop or start doing something in order for all to be well with your soul? Must you shower first to love?

Is it God alone who satisfies you?

If not, then you have rules.

When God alone rules your heart, let it rain on your parade, for you are one happy woman.

Come what may, in a desert, in a lush forest, in bleak times, or abundance, the soul who knows God is content, abounding, and happy, for nothing compares to the riches of simply knowing God.

Do you know him, or do you know about him?

Do you follow rules, or do you love?


Seek God, repent, and be set free, and love, or set up rules.

May 19, 2016

The woman-servant of the Lord

is a living sacrifice.

never seeks self-promotion.

lives and breathes for her King.

is attentive to widows, and orphans.

rests when needed in order to serve yet again.

enjoys nourishment to gain strength to help another.

puts no confidence in her flesh.

is mindful that her days are numbered by her King.

knows beyond any doubt that her Lord cares for her.

gets up before dawn, and fixes breakfast for those still sleeping.

tends to her home, and looks well to the needs of her family.

will submit, if married, to her husband, and if not married, to her Lord in all her ways.

is single-minded, and does not take interest in any worldly ways.

minds her own business, and is not a gossip.

is not a grudge-bearer, but a burden-bearer.

always prays, in faith, believing she is heard, and therefore, she frets not.

is joyful— even in her tears, and in sad times.

is content, wanting for absolutely nothing.

is aware that her abundant life has nothing to do with any effort on her part.

walks constantly into her world in one way or another, and is poured out, and used up willingly.

does not complain, nor does she wait, or want for accolades, but praises, always praises her Savior. 

May 17, 2016

What's for dinner?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites dedicated to recipes for food.

And if you want to see how to prepare food, then take a gander at the gaggle of youtube channels available just waiting for you to subscribe, and give them a thumbs-up.

And who doesn't have a recipe or two, or twenty from a grandma, or mom, or mom-in-law, not to mention friends, as well as the cookbooks that line a bookshelf.

All that to say there isn't a good reason to say that you can't cook, or to not prepare a meal for yourself, and a neighbor, your husband, your company, friends, and children, or to carry a casserole to countless needy souls in this world.

Excuses abound to not prepare, and one excuse is good as another when you don't want to do something, but for the redeemed woman, God has changed her desires.

Because of the new-birth, the woman, who now loves God, will be tempted to laziness, and the desire to be served, but she will, in the end, don her apron and get to it.

The wise woman brings in the food, and feeds her family.

It is essential to life, and yet the evil one would tempt us to believe that it is an unworthy chore.

"You don't have to do that! It is somewhat beneath you. You are smarter than that."

Have you heard those words, or similar ones, in your head?

Where is your heart?

Does it submit to lies, or does it follow truth?

Do you serve or wait for service?

I pray that "what's for dinner?" will be a welcome question, and that you will have an answer!

We are to serve the Lord with gladness, and when we serve others, we serve him.

With your broccoli cheese soup, serve a warm smile, and with the same smile, wash your dishes!

Work with all your heart, and serve with joy, for that is the example left by our Master.

Walk the narrow road serving up delicious meals.

Your reward waits.

He is preparing a table for you!

May 16, 2016

Weaker, not weak

I'm going to guess that some women use the passage from I Peter 3:7 as a crutch.

It's not correct to assume that because the Word says that women are weaker than men, then to also claim weakness, and behave in a fashion so as to avoid compliance to a godly, obedient life.

Do you fall back on that passage when you don't want to be obedient?

Do you claim an inability to do something because you are the weaker vessel?

In all ways, women are weaker vessels.

But to say women are weaker than men is not the same as saying that women are weak.

In the Olympics, in high school sports, and in a neighborhood game of tag between children, someone will be stronger, and someone will be weaker, but the one who is weaker is not weak.

Women who know God have his spirit in them.

God's spirit causes an abundance of fruit to grow in a submitted vessel.

The woman, who has repented, and who walks the narrow road, is strong in fruit production.

She may need help moving the sofa, and she may need a shoulder on which to rest, but she works.

She needs no crutch on which to fake an inability to do as she is commanded.

The Lord does not leave any one, including the weaker vessel, without the ability to comply.

He does all the work of obedience through a submitted vessel.

The weaker vessel is not as strong as a man, but she is obedient.

She is not vain in her belief, nor is she proud.

The woman, who loves God with all her heart, lives her life held by him, and she steadfastly walks.

Her walk is on the narrow road, and on it she is passionate, and compassionate, and she loves.

Others see with their eyes, and hear with their ears her song of praise, and her joyful heart.

On the narrow road, the weaker vessel is strong.

May 15, 2016

Do you wait to love?

To be kind, do you wait for all to be well?

While you wait for your breakfast, are you kind?

Is your house needing a good cleaning, and is there a stack of dirty dishes that you need to wash?

Are there weeds in your flowers, and is the grass knee-deep, and are your windows embarrassingly filthy, and do you need a haircut, and could you stand to lose some weight?

Is your neighbor standoffish? Has your friend said something unkind? How about your hubby?

All the while are you kind?

What does it take for kindness to escape from your lips, and hands, and what causes you to smile?

Is it anything at all external?

Is it the behavior of anyone else?

Does someone else need to repent, confess, or love you first for you to be kind to them?

If so, then you walk by sight, and feelings, and you will be moody.

You can try to be kind, and good, and love.

The repentant heart is kind, and good, and the repentant woman loves.

If trying is what it takes, then everyone is saved.

The Word never talks about trying.

The command is to repent.

Turn from the pigsty that constitutes self-willed living, and die to your way of doing things.

Seek God. Seek his kingdom, and not just in the morning, or a few minutes at night.

He will have your whole heart, or he has none of it.

A little leaven corrupts the whole heart.

You can think that you know God, but to really know him, one is never the same ever again.

It takes being born new. He gives a clean heart where sin once lived. There is no trying involved.

Salvation is not of anything you do (works).

To be born new means all is different. Impatience is gone. Judging is gone. Sin is gone. 

In repentance, one decides (while still in sin), to turn from it; that soul is given a new heart.

The old is gone, and the new has come in one who has been born of God.

Do not be deceived.

If you walk around moody, and angry, and you are up now, and down the next, you know not God.

Those who know God do not wait for all to be well to be kind.

All is well in the new heart.

The woman who knows God does not wait on outward circumstances to be as she desires, and then she can be kind, and gentle, and sweet, and giving, and joyful, and patient.

Come what may, she is kind.

Let the roof leak. Let it collapse. Let her walls fall around her.

Cheat on her. Betray her. Call her all manner of degrading names.

She remains Christ-like.

She is kind.

There is no caveat with her.

The brand new woman knows God! She is free! She is held in his hands, and all is well— always.

Her heart is new, and she can do nothing less than love.


The definition of fun includes the words "amusement," and "playfulness," and in general, it is something that is done for the purpose of feeling entertained.

Followers of Jesus look to him to define life and how it is to be lived.

I cannot for the life of me find that Jesus did anything for fun.

His life was full of purpose, and the driving force of his life was (is) love.

He came that we might not have a fun life but an abundant life.

His command to his followers is to die to self, and in that dying, his followers find fullness of life.

It is not in being amused, and entertained, and in playing that we are born to new life.

It is in dying.

Your flesh will fight that dying process.

The dying process is called repentance.

When we die to spite, prejudice, willfulness, manipulation, lying, laziness, or in a word, hate, we live.

Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

Do you love God with all your heart?

Then you will not be seeking to be entertained, but to entertain, and serve, and love.

And the woman, who follows Jesus, will find that to be fun indeed.

May 12, 2016

You or God?

Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1

Woman, if you love the Lord, let your Master build your house.

Any striving is worthless.

Your Lord will build your house— just move out of the way.

The woman, who trusts in the Lord, believes he can do what only he can do.

To usurp his domain is to put yourself up as supreme.

That always ends in disaster.

If you say that you serve an all-powerful God, then prove it.

You stay quiet and serve, and watch, and wait, and while you watch and wait, love your neighbor.

Love your husband.

Love your daughter-in-law, your mother-in-law, and simply put, everyone.

Or you can play God, and strive in vain.

Which way do you walk?

Is it narrow, and simple, and with love?

Is your burden easy, and do you cast your cares?

Is your mouth filled with praise, and like the birds, do you not worry about tomorrow?

Who is praised with your mouth?

Who is exalted in your heart?

You or God?

I pray that you will seek the Lord, at all times, and that he will truly be your Lord.

All else is a total waste.

May 9, 2016


No one was more down-to-earth than Jesus.

He not only came down to earth, but he left a very high place, and position to do so.

Why did he do it?

Because of love.

Are you down-to-earth?

In slang terms, I mean, not pretentious.

And by not pretentious, I mean not having an exaggerated sense of importance.

Must others meet your expectations in terms of behavior in order to be excepted by you?

Do you love unconditionally, or with conditions?

To follow Jesus, one must turn from pride, pretense, and prickliness.

One will not say one thing, and behave another, and truly know God.

To know the God of all creation, one must have a down-to-earth experience, and it begins with love.

If you know him, then to whom do you give down-to-earth love?

For whom do you stoop?


It's the only way to walk the narrow road.

May 4, 2016

thoughts of tomorrow...

Jesus taught that to think about tomorrow, and place any hope in it, is not to be done.

Those who follow him, live in the moment, ready to serve now.

Fretting over what one does not have (tomorrow) is to walk in darkness.

To follow Jesus means to walk in obedience to what he commanded.

One will falter if each step, first this one, and then the next, is muddled with fretting.

None of us is guaranteed our next breath here on this earth.

Do thoughts of what tomorrow, or what the next hour, may bring flit through your mind?

Let those thoughts, and concerns pass on through your gray matter.

I want to make jam, but thoughts of canning, and making more than a pot-full overwhelm me.

I may never stem a strawberry if I think I must do enough for a year.

Think about today.

Think about this moment in time.

Make the bed. Fix the breakfast. Wash the dish. Serve the neighbor. Make a pot-full of jam.

Be kind.

Rejoice always.

Seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Do not worry about tomorrow. 
Today's trouble is enough for today (Matthew 6:33-34).

May 3, 2016


our eyes are drawn to the black dot on the white dress

we see when others fall

the words they say, and the actions they do

christians help each other along the narrow way

in gentleness, lift up, and encourage

we are to bear witness

and to what?


we are not to judge one another, but love one another

go ahead, see the imperfections

and pray



but to think that we know the whys, and wherefores of another heart?


that would be playing god, and those who love God, don't play his role in the lives of others

they do his bidding

he commands, "love"

do you wonder what you are to do today?

follow God's command