April 12, 2016


It is a feeling.

Resentment is a feeling of displeasure or indignation at what someone has done or said.

It is considered to cause pain, injury, or insult.

Easily we can identify how the world reacts to resentment.

They hurt others in return, be it a husband, sister, supposed friend, neighbor, or frankly— anyone.

What does the Word say about resentment?

How does the woman, who loves God, handle resentment?

Looking to our supreme example, we see that Jesus could have felt resentment at many different times, against those who were closest to him, his disciples.

They said that they loved him, yet fought over petty things concerning life here on earth.

Jesus, knowing their hearts, forgave them (before they ever asked), and he loved them deeply.

He washed their stinking feet.

He fed them.

He helped them all along the way, all the while, he spoke not one word of condemnation.

Not one.

That is how the woman, who professes to follow the Lord, will behave.

She will, while noticing the slight, forgive, feed, and wash the stinking feet of the offensive.

She just has too much love in her heart to hold a grudge.

She cannot help but love the unlovely.

She will forgive, and love others, for she has been forgiven, and loved, in abundance (Luke 7:47).

Watch out for the root of resentment (Hebrews 12:15).

In the woman, who caves to temptation, it grows, and becomes hate.

To those who have repented of their hate, a river of love flows (Romans 5:5).

Does love, compassion, and tenderness flow in you, and out of you to others?

God commands everyone to love.

Love others just like you love yourself (Matthew 22:39).

Do you?

Remember, the just live by faith, never a feeling.

The redeemed do not live with resentment in their hearts.

Good fruit and bad fruit do not co-exist in a heart (Matthew 7:19).

God has all of you, or none of you (Matthew 15:8).

Live by faith.

It is the only way to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

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