April 16, 2016

Offering blessed hope

I have a new friend who cannot get into bed. She sleeps in her recliner. She has for years.

Imagine not being able to stretch out flat, and relax, and then curl up, and drift off to sweet sleep.

She aches from years of hard work, and despair, and loneliness.

What do I have to offer her?

I know someone. In knowing him, I no longer hurt, or ache, or despair. I'm never lonely.

I want the same for her.

She tells me to come right into her home, never knock, and that I am always welcome.

When I leave, she hopes that I will come back the next day.

She tells me that she just needs a woman to talk to sometimes, and asks me to sit with her while she eats because she just gets so lonely sometimes.

When I am away from her, I cry at the thought of her alone, and lonely.

I ask God to help her, to heal her, to set her free.

And because I believe, and ask in faith, then I have blessed hope, and I can look her in her eyes, and tell her that it is going to be okay. I won't leave her. We will be friends till one of us passes.

She tells me that if she is the first to go then she will wait for me on the other side.

To whom do you offer hope because you know the God of this universe?

He does not give hope; he is hope. 

In knowing him, hope is a by-product.

Those who know God, produce fruit, and in producing fruit, they share it.

Love, joy, peace, patience, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

Until they are demonstrated, or animated through a yielded body, those attributes are just words.

Are those attributes simply words that you know, or fruit that you produce?

One does not know hope, the blessed gift that it is, and then hide it under a bushel, indeed it cannot be hidden, for how does light not shine in darkness?

The light of truth shines in, out, and through those who repent, and turn towards home.

Are you walking the narrow road?

Do you share hope with your downcast husband?

In a smile, a sweet embrace, and a helping hand, are you generous with kindness to him?

Do you look at the cashier, and speak words of encouragement?

When you see a friend, do you stop to offer the kindness of time, and concern?

If not, then you are hiding under a bushel, and sin has you bound.

Know this, God is waiting with open arms, and no condemnation, and that is exactly what those who know him offer their world— open arms, and no condemnation.

Repent. In your sin, agree with God about it.

So many are drowning in despair waiting for hope. 

I encourage you to continue in truth; those who endure to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:13).

Endure, and walk, and let your light shine. 

Yes, take this world and give me Jesus....we are not home yet!

Till we see the Savior, pray without ceasing; ask in faith; love one another.

And generously, gratefully, and gracefully hand out hope.

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