April 15, 2016

Nope, it is not fair, thank God.

Fair: free from bias, dishonesty, and injustice.

The definition of the word "fair" includes freedom from dishonesty.

It makes sense.

If I am fair with a "neighbor," then I will not try to swindle them; I'll be honest.

Typically, we may think, not so much about honesty, but a division of labor.

Sort of like, "I'll scratch your back, and now it is time for you to scratch mine."

The world thinks like that, and those called by the Most High, don't.

Christians are tempted to think that what they've been called to do (always serve with love) isn't fair.

Who believes it is fair to always be the one to change a diaper, wash the dishes, or pull the weeds?

As a servant, and in looking at the example of the Lord, we notice that a servant does not look around in an effort to notice what anyone else is doing, or not doing; a servant singularly serves.

Servants do the bidding of another.

Jesus taught that over and over again.

Read the gospels, and you cannot miss that fact.

Do you want to keep track of your husband's moments, and what he is up to all the time, and see if what he does measures up to what you do, and then call him to task for his failure to do as he ought?

If so, then do you ask him to do the same to you, after all, that is only fair, right?

And do you really think that you are the template on how to do things?

But most importantly, do you think that it's okay to keep track of the behavior of anyone?

In truth, I can't find the right to keep tabs on anyone, including husbands, anywhere in Scripture.

The wise woman in Proverbs tells us how busy she is while her husband sits and talks!

Meditate on that for a moment or two, or forever. 

In studying the life of Jesus, we see he did not play fair.

His example, to those who follow him, was service all the way to death.

Yep. It may kill us, but what a way to go, and what a reward waits!

Jesus took what was not his, and made it his own.

Do you?

Do you clean the mess of others without condemnation?

He washed feet, and didn't hand off the towel to anyone.

He absorbed betrayal, and held no grudge.

He provided, and provides to this day, for the ungrateful.

He took the penalty for sin.

He takes bondage, and gives freedom, and life.

I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude that Jesus did not play fair with me.

He took my mess, and made it his own.

He paid the price for my hate, and gave me love instead.

He laid down his life that I might have life. That's not fair. I'm very thankful.

If you claim to be a servant of the Lord, and when you are tempted to whine about life not being fair, then remember that it really isn't fair that a lump of clay, who sinned with intention, is now free from the chains of sin to live a life of abundance, and then, choose gratitude; that's what servants will do.

For it is in giving that we receive, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

"Lord, use me. Make me a gentle instrument of peace. I am yours."

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