April 21, 2016


Without looking at what Mr. Webster has to say about that word, what do you think it implies?

The first word that I think of when I hear that word is secrets.

For instance, a good friend will hold what you tell her close to her heart.

To whom do you feel comfortable sharing personal details of your life?

Would some things embarrass you if your world knew of them?

(It's hard to imagine anyone saying that nothing they have done would be embarrassing!)

Think of a friend whom you believe to be one who would stick closer than blood.

I could almost guarantee it that you think that they would not share your secrets like wildfire.

That person is one who would protect your heart.

They would literally take your secrets to the grave with them.

In thinking about intimacy, I don't immediately think of a man and a woman in a warm embrace, but I do think that a man and a woman, who can share a warm embrace, have secrets, and keep them.

Maybe it is sins that one, or both, of them have committed, and yet it is just between them, and no man, or beast, or BFF could pry it out of either of them.

Maybe it is a special song, or fragrance, or eye-signal, or a gesture that, upon noticing it, the beloved knows what is in the mind of the other, and it is only between them.

Love does not flaunt what it knows, or has, and it is not arrogant (I Corinthians 13:4).

Love covers the sins of others (Proverbs 10:12).

Love is kind (I Corinthians 13:4).

If we say that we love God, then let us not just say it, but show it.

Love keeps a closed mouth, and it keeps secrets, and it demonstrates itself through hands, and feet.

Hands that reach out to the poor; hands that soothe a troubled lover, and feet that run to help a widow.

The heart that knows intimacy with the Father will demonstrate it to the neighbor.

According to Mr. Webster, the "neighbor" is, plain and simply, one's fellow human being.

He got that one right.

So what does he have to say about "intimacy?"

Mr Webster says that it is something of a personal or private nature.

Again, he got that right.

With all the flaunting of self, and personal information these days, and the ways that are available to do so, intimacy is a strange beast. People share the most mundane, as well as intimate things with a world of people that they do not know, and think that they have friendships with those people who see what they do, and hear what they say on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few.

Step back from social media, and hold what you share, in those venues, up to God.

Ask for wisdom.

Share with discernment.

Examine your heart and make sure that what you reveal glorifies God.

Is it kind?

Is it bragging?

Is it too personal?

In knowing God, one's heart is new; it is still tempted, but it yields to the narrow road of love.

Do you have a personal bond with God?

The answer lies in what your hands, and feet do, and what comes out of your mouth about others.

Is it blessings or curses?

For whom are you praying that God will seek, save, and tame?

Do you have an intimate relationship with that person?

Remember that the redeemed are the hands and feet of God.

They have a new heart. It beats with compassion. It prays for souls.

In praying for a soul, one cannot be hateful at the same time.

Get home to the Father.

He is waiting.

Blessed intimacy is found in repentance, and in yielding to the Father.

I pray that you will.

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