April 8, 2016

Full and overflowing

The Christian woman has a day that looks like too much to do.

Yet knowing Whom she serves, and while being tempted, she is not overwhelmed.

The temptation sounds like this: "You have too much to do. It won't get done. It's not fair."

The tempter uses other words too of course, and the tone of it will always lead one to wonder if God is love, and if he cares, and if he knows, and if it will all get done, and worry sits—always waiting.

But the woman, who loves God, knows him.

She knows he is love, and cares, and knows her, and she knows that even if all of the things on her mind, and in her heart don't get done, she worries not, but takes one more step on the narrow road.

Her life is full. It overflows. That is what the Savior came to bring to her.

John 10:10.

He keeps his promise.

To the repentant, he gives life, full, free, and flowing.

As the woman, who loves God, wakes to a new day, she puts one foot in front of the other into her world, serving herself, and then another— always another. She is available, and active, and able.

Good hair, or bad, wrinkled or not, she smiles at the future for her God is there.

He waits for her at the end of her days.

She can hardly wait for that to appear.

She will see him.

On that day, as always, she will be full to overflowing.

Her tongue will praise God then, and it praises him now.

Worry, and fret, and an anxious mind cannot dwell along-side a heart full of praise.

Worship the Lord, and serve him alone.

When you touch another, you show his love.

His love is not given to a woman for her to then sit with her abundance covered-up inside her soul.

The love of God fills and flows, and is a fountain in the redeemed (Romans 5:5).

At all times, the woman, who knows of God's salvation, sings in her heart of his goodness. 

Do you?

If not, repent of your ways, and trust in him alone.

Know of life, free, and over-flowing.

Jesus sets the captive free.

Are you free of sin?

If not, then turn towards the Savior, and never be bound by sin again.

The love of God binds the repentant heart to freedom, and love, full to the top, and then over the top.

That is the goodness of almighty God.

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