April 7, 2016

Facing the day

Each day is a new start on life.

Jesus, upon his resurrection, and facing a new day, had changed (John 20).

The disciples found Jesus was no longer in a prone position (get out of bed), he had changed clothes, and folded them (get dressed, tidy up, and make the bed), and he was gone (go, serve someone).

The redeemed follow Jesus.

He set the example, and commands those who love him to live as he lived, and they do.

Meditate on the fact that God made the world in an orderly fashion.

Is "your world" orderly?

Ask the Lord to teach you about how to order your day to make the most of time.

The days are evil, and the woman of God does not walk like the world; she redeems time (Eph. 5:16).

Wandering about in nightclothes, with a worrisome spirit, describes a wide-highway traveler.

On the narrow road, the warrior-woman wakes to serve.

She gets dressed physically, and spiritually, picks up her Sword, prays always, slays darkness in heavenly places, and in love, she serves her world while keeping her eye on the eastern sky.

Because love has filled her heart, and while her body may be weary, her soul triumphs.

Facing the day, and with kindness on her tongue, she hands out a smile, and shares her goods.

Not always knowing how her love will be accepted, and just like Jesus, she loves anyway.

She is not selfish. She is tempted in many ways, yet overcomes. She rejoices.

Do you?

If not, repent.

As you face this day, be filled with the Spirit, not to consume selfishly, but to give, pray, and love.

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