April 24, 2016

Dressed for service

The world will tell you that you should dress for success.

There is nothing wrong with being successful.

There is everything right about getting dressed too.

The woman, who loves God, is clothed with the garment of salvation (Isaiah 61:10).

She is free.

She is free, no matter what fabric she is wearing, to serve.

Do you need a cool drink, a hug, a back rub, a friend to take a walk with you, run an errand for you, or does the baby need a clean diaper, a trip to the park, or does dinner need fixing?

She is not too "fixie" or "fancy" to don an apron, and get to it.

She welcomes work.

She gets dressed with service on her mind.

Nothing is beneath her dignity to do when a soul is in need.

She stoops, extends, embraces, washes, mends, and soothes.

She loves the needy.

Her heart has been made whole; she wants for nothing; she has repented, once and for all.

She loves her God.

With every beat of her heart, she hears the cry of children in need of attention, and the longing of the lonely for a friend, and the desperation of the poor for relief.

She loves them all.

Her body, time, and possessions belong to God.

Dressed in his righteousness alone, the woman, in love with her God, serves.

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