March 24, 2016


Peace is not a destination.

It is neither a walk in a park, nor a favorite vacation spot, nor a good work-out, nor a shopping trip, nor is it found in good cry, a good book, a great cup of coffee, nor a great visit with a good friend.

All of those things can be quite lovely, but peace is not found, or known, in those things.

Peace is freedom from strife, and freedom is either in a soul, or it is not.

Jesus is the Prince of peace, and he sets people free.

In believing, and doing as he commands, one knows God.

In knowing God, through Jesus, a soul knows peace.

A soul is not given peace, as in "I have Jesus, now, Jesus, will you give me peace?"

If a woman knows God, then she intimately knows peace.

She will also know joy, and it will be her nature to express it.

In knowing God, his spirit abides in her soul.

Her soul is at peace, and she is peaceful, and joyful regardless of location, or sickness, or pain.

In abundance, or in lack, she says to all her world, "Make a cacophonous maddening sound, and take all I have, for my soul is at home with my God, and though he slay me, yet will I praise him."

Regardless of circumstances of any sort, the truly believing woman is at rest.

Her words will be peaceful, and her actions of love don't change despite any blowing wind.

The truly saved woman does not say, "Be quiet so I can have peace!"

Nor does she say, "I need to go for a walk, and get peaceful."

Nor, "Change your ways, and then I will be happy, and all will be well."

She doesn't need for anything (except repentance) to happen so that she can finally be at rest.

Joy, and peace, and rest are not separate from knowing God through Jesus Christ.

To believe like that is to practice a false religion like the meditation, or exercise, prescribed in yoga.

Jesus gives the believer peace, but not as the world gives it (John 14:27).

The peace he gives in knowing God does not come and go.

That is worldly "peace" and the world makes demands with its desires, and it waxes, and wanes.

Love makes no demands, and the peace that the believer knows passes understanding.

Examine your heart.

Is peace there— always?

Or is it formulaic?

Must you, and everyone around you, do "something" in order for you to know peace?

When one does not know peace, then others must cooperate for peace to occur.

The prescription to know the lasting peace that passes understanding is repentance.

How is it that the peace that God gives is not understood by the world?

Because it is contrary to the world.

The world says, "Give me what I want, plus this, that, and the other thing, and I will be happy."

Knowing God says, "Come what may, I stay the same. My soul is at rest. I abide in the Vine. You do not have to change, or give me something, or do anything for me, or to me, dear husband, or friend, or child, for I am at peace! It is glorious, and deep, and I know God, and am at rest in his hand."

Can you say that?

If not, repent of your way of life, and turn to walk the narrow way that Jesus commands.

He commands, "Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand," (Matthew 4:17).

The only way to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself is to repent.


Change your mind about the sin that you do.

Then you will know God, and peace will flood your soul, and you will never be the same ever again.

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