March 18, 2016

Living by faith

Christians do not live by feelings.

They live by faith.

What's the difference?

Feelings are based in the flesh.

If a woman lives by how she feels, then she picks up her dirty plate, and the dirty plate of her husband, or any others, and washes them if she has the energy, or if it is her turn, or if she wants to do it, and she will feel completely fine about neglecting to do any of that if doesn't feel like it.

The redeemed woman, who lives by faith in the teachings of Jesus, knows that she is to lay down her life, and her feelings, which are based in her flesh, and moods, and emotions, and serve, and serve she will, for she has been crucified with Christ, and she no longer lives, but Christ lives in her, and while she is, and will be tempted to sit, and let others serve her, she will get up, and get to it.

The truly saved woman has a new nature, and new inclinations, and new emotions, and new feelings.

All things, for her, have become new.

Even though she is tempted, she will not yield to the temptation; God will not allow that to happen.

Read I Corinthians 10:13 and you will find it to be true.

God does not allow it.

If you still live by your feelings, then you do not have the new nature.

Examine your heart.

What do you find?

Has your "want to" changed?

The redeemed woman is tempted to lie, but her desire not to do so controls her, for she has the mind of Christ, and Christ in her accomplishes goodness. She does not brag about the fact that she does not lie any more, for it is not of her power that she does not lie any more; it is of Christ.

She boasts of him. She belongs to another country— now. She loves not this world— now.

The "sweet by and by" is in her— now.

The river of love runs deep in her— now.

She lives by faith which means that every word of the Word she obeys— now.

Her mind is set on heavenly things— now.

She doesn't wait until she feels like serving, and loving, and giving.

By faith, she serves, and loves, and gives— now.

Her body is a living sacrifice— now.

Willingly she allows her physical body to be buffeted, used, and abused, and she loves all the while.

How about you?

If you have to try to be good, then you are working for your salvation.

Salvation does not work that way.

It comes in repentance.


Turn from your sin, and know God, and be saved from sin to sin no more.

Or continue to love your sin, and not know God, and live in your feelings, and perish in them.

Which way will you choose?

Faith or feelings?

The woman, who loves God, obeys him (I John 5:3).

Do you say that you love God?

Only if you obey him, then it is true that you really do.

Otherwise, it is lip-service.

Matthew 15:8 tells us that there are those who proclaim love with their lips, but their heart, and actions tell a different story.

Do your words, and actions match up, or do they go in opposite directions?

Are you walking on the narrow road?

Are you one of the few?

Seek God. Repent. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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