February 18, 2016

What's the difference?

The greatest assurance one can have in life is not whether there is enough insurance to cover every emergency, and accident, and situation imaginable.

To have enough insurance for whatever comes along may bring peace of mind, but only in a temporary fashion, for even the very wealthy have a hard time sleeping, and take pills for depression.


That is the craving of the wandering soul, which is the condition of everyone, until repentance.

Rest remains elusive until repentance.

A peaceful soul is not found in abundance of material possessions, or great insurance.

The great delusion is that money produces peace.

Or money and independence.

Or money and— fill-in-the-blank.

It can't; it won't, it doesn't.

Only in repentance, and then obedience, does one find rest, and life, and joy, and peace always.

Do you want to stop wasting time? Do you want to love people? Do you want to be generous?

Do you want to stop gossiping, and insulting people, and complaining?

Do you think that it takes trying, and you help yourself by putting up Bible verses all over your house, and you wear bracelets to remind you to be kind, and you pinch yourself every time you fuss?

The prodigal would have still been miserable, and lost, even if he had put up a hundred sticky notes.

In his pigsty, he would still have, at times, been happy, and then sad, peaceful, and then fretting.

Only after his change of mind about his sin did he then have fellowship with the Father.

He was finally at rest, and joyful, and his soul was peaceful.

And do you really think that for one moment he left the Father's house to go visit the pigsty?

Obedience does not take a strong will, it takes repentance. It does not take working hard at it, and then more work, work, work, for that defines a "works" salvation. It doesn't work that way.

The repentant are GIVEN a new nature, and the mind of Christ, and his love.

They do not work for it.

They also are still tempted to be disobedient, but God does not allow the temptation to be too strong.

See I Corinthians 10:13.

The difference between the supposedly saved, and the truly saved is steadfast obedience.

See I John 5:3.

The truly saved read the Word, and hear instruction, and are obedient to it— always.

The supposedly saved read the Word, and hear instruction, and they try, and fail, and try, and fail.

Continuing in sin is the reason for the failures.

Sin is the barrier between the unrepentant and God, and the perfect obedience his Spirit produces.

See I John 3:9.

Sin keeps one from God.

You cannot know him and continue to sin.

Do you want to know God, but do you want to stop sinning as well?

You cannot have it both ways.

Repentance allows grace to flow like a river into a starved soul.

You will know of mercy before salvation, but not grace.

Everyone knows of God's mercies, whether they admit it, or not.

You wake up breathing, and enjoy the sunshine, and rain?


But grace is for the saved. The saved are saved from sin. Sin is removed from the saved.

You want to stop sinning, and know God?


A new nature takes the place of the sinful one.

Both do not exist inside a person.

One or the other, not both.

See Luke 6:43.

You either have the new nature, and don't sin, or you still have the old nature, and sin.

See Mark 2:22.

That's the difference.

You are deceived if you think you must try to be a better person after you supposedly were saved.

No where is that found in Scripture.

It is by grace one is saved, not by works.

See Ephesians 2:8.

Sin is what we need saved from, and repentance brings salvation to a soul, and grace is then applied.

See Romans 5:5.

Sin is gone in the saved soul.

See Psalm 103:12.


Agree with God about the sin that you do.

Then you'll know the difference between mercy and grace, freedom and works, and love and hate.

For you will have a new nature.

See II Peter 1:4.

Repent and believe.

See Mark 1:15.

Study to be approved by God (II Timothy 2:15).

Are you studying?

Can you state specifically the difference between saved and lost?

If you believe that you are saved, then what difference does in make in your life?


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