February 4, 2016

Led to death

In every way, Jesus was led to death.

Death to friendships that were honest, and true.

Death to a desire unfulfilled on this earth.

Death to glory.

How about you?

Is your life characterized by death?

When you expect one thing, and get another, what do you do?

Are demands forthcoming?

Love makes no demands— ever.

When you do good, and are reviled, then what?

Is meekness in your nature?

The truly redeemed have a new nature.

It replaces the old one.

The old is gone, and the new is evident, and good fruit grows, and bad fruit doesn't anymore.

Is the newness of life found in your nature?

Is it growing, or does sin still weave in and out bringing death in your wake?

If so, repent.

Everyone is commanded to change their mind about the sin that they do.

Jesus, and God, have commanded it (Matthew 4:17, and Acts 17:30).

It is something that can be done while still in sin.

We have that capacity, or it would not have been commanded.

You will never believe the sin that you do is as bad as it is until you change your mind about it.

In sin, we are wooed by the Spirit of God to agree with God about our filth.

Have you done that yet?

If you think that the way of salvation is to simply believe in Jesus, then please think again.

The demons believe Jesus was who he said that he was, and they tremble.

To truly believe is to accept the truth of what is said by someone.

In salvation, one must accept the truth of what is said by Jesus.

Do you know what he said?

Do you die to self at every turn, or do you look out for yourself at the expense of others?

Your way is always at the expense of choosing to love others as yourself, and God completely.

That is the command.

How did Jesus define sin?

What did he say about those who do sin?

What did he come to do for mankind?

Do you relish the idea of dying every moment of the day, and living to serve, somehow, some way?

That is the life of the saved.

They cannot but die as they proclaim what is in their heart.

Silently, or otherwise, as the Lord points the way, they follow.

Do you?

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