February 15, 2016

Kindnesses in marriage, and otherwise

Do you greet your husband with a "hello, Love," always, or never, or only when he is good?

The redeemed married woman is kind.

To her husband, the love of God is not a "sometimes" thing.

Love never is.

The new heart of the married woman greets her man with a warm smile, and kindness always.

He gets kissed.

She leans in for hugs.

She is gentle with him.

Is your heart hard towards your man?

A new heart, one made soft, does not demand its way.

The heart that knows God does not hop on and off the Vine, first giving, and then selfish, and mean.

In one moment, kind to a husband, and then the next, because he forgot to do what he "ought," then he is shunned, and treated with disrespect, and is simply tolerated.

That does not happen with the woman who knows God.

For that behavior is sin.

To be rid of sin, and to have the ear of God, and sweet fellowship with him, repent.

Oh how sweet is the marriage where, if even if it is just the woman who knows God, there is kindness, and a gentle love which never falters because of a lack in the mate.

When a man, who knows God, loves a woman, who doesn't, he reveals God to her.

What a gift that is to the lost spouse.

In marriages, the factor, not factors, that suck the life from it is contempt, or in another word, hate.

Kindness and contempt are polar extremes.

What do you show your spouse?

If you know God, then your kindnesses are never-ending, and never conditional toward your spouse.

There is proof that one knows God.

The proof is love.

It is always love, and love is always kind, and obedient.

Are you?

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